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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! I am trying to display all the elements from my subassemblies on the plan view. Can't find option responsible for display a bench from the subassembly called daylightbasin. I have a linework in a corridor showing bottom of the ditch, external side of a bench and link to surface, but all the options responsible for the bench seems to not working. Ideally I would like to add a feature line in all the places where my corridor change the shape, according to the created assembly, but really I have tried everything what I do know and it's just not working. I know I could do it manually, but I think that's not the purpose of using software like Civil 3D. As you can see in the last image, corridor line (external edge of a bench) is going in a bit different direction than the countours from the surface generated based on the corridor. Please help! It
  2. urdaddy

    U-Turn modelling

    Does anyone has any idea how to model this kind of U-turn which is basically end of the road in the same time and it's curved at the end?
  3. I'm going through a nice set of tutorials. I feel like I got through the 2D and Part modules well and picked up a lot. Now I'm getting into placing and constraining part in assemblies. There is a clamp that looks like it is part of this tutorial and an Autodesk tutorial. It deals with assemblies and constraints. I thought I'd take a look to see if it was located somewhere in my Inventor deployment. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find some other examples. I closed all of my open Inventor files. I selected the OPEN command. In that dialogue you can find a PROJECTS button. There you can create your own training project and browse other projects. There is a sample project located in my deployment. It looks stock.
  4. Hi i have a plate and a shaft. i am able to constraint the shaft to be tangent to the plate and constraint it to be on a specified location. However. i need to make the plate rotate when the shaft rotates as if it is one unit. the shaft is to be welded to the plate. i tried everything within the joint or constraint. i also tried to weld the plate and shaft as single assembly but i couldn't weld with the shaft tangent with 0 offset. all i need is to fix the shaft on the plate and make the plate rotate with the shaft.
  5. Hi again. Is this possible at all? I want to add a headwall / retaining wall at the left side as shown for this section only.
  6. Is it possible? I have a colleague who uses InRoads. (I'll use C3D language here. . . ) He is able to select an assembly (in a corridor) based on input in an Excel spreadsheet. Is there anyway to import corridor Start and End stations? Is there anyway to dictate a region's assembly based on Excel data (even a copy/paste solution)?
  7. This is my first attempt at assembling something which was not a textbook exercise. I have struck a brick wall and would appreciate some help. The free axle is to slide onto the tension rod. It should be free to revolve around the rod and slide along it. My hair got torn out long ago and I am getting nowhere. Would some kind soul please help. Thanks Tensioner_Assembly.zip
  8. I'm struggling with a concept we are trying to run. We have created a spring, cut from a cylindrical pipe and we wish to apply torsion so as to tighten it up, therefore reducing its diameter and increasing it's length BUT maintaining the same pitch. The profile is a 1" wide rectangle and our aim is to ensure it maintains its pitch so that, in our application, we essentially wind it up to fit onto a smaller diameter and need to represent the two states. Can this be done? I tried to figure it out using adaptive springs to give me the sizes I need but couldn't quite get it to work, so hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me! I hope the image helps to show what I'm aiming to do.
  9. Assemblies are built with cross hatching, or shading, built in - can I style (edit) the cross hatch? I'd like to be able to hide/show the hatching, or at the very least change the color to what will print as a half tone. Any tips? I've looked everywhere, but had no luck.
  10. Are there some easy ways to sort of simulate making an assembly in inventor lt (we do not have the assembly option) ? What is the simplest way to combine parts? So far we have been using the Derive command but it has been difficult to move the added part to the desired location.
  11. Dear all, I have two parts that put together. Basically a triangular ring is put into a hole of a hollow cylinder. The triangular ring (0.5 dia) could freely move inside the hole (0.625 dia). I need to do a FEA analysis, my steps are 1. I mate the centerline of the hole to one of the axis of the triangle ring, so they line up (as least visually), then click OK. AND then delete this constraint 2. Start FEA analysis, put fix constraint at the bottom of the cylinder, add force to the ring 3. ADD 2 contacts (separation, no sliding) 4. RUN I cannot believe the result. I apply 50 lbf only, but the safety factor is close to zero. Do my steps right??? Pictures and parts are attached. Inventor 2014 Question.zip
  12. I used to be able to update a part, save it and then the assembly would automatically update. This is no longer happening. Is there a setting somewhere that I have to change? When I close the assembly and re open it asks if I would like to update then. I feel like I shouldn't have to close an assembly each time I make an update to a part. Thanks in advance Dave
  13. I have an assembly (with 4 parts) that I am creating a part table for. I am getting more familiar with iParts and iProperties, but have not found how to connect the revision on the part drawings to the table of the assembly. Everything I have read points to using the Vault but I have never set that up. Is this going to be the answer moving forward or is there a simpler way of achieving this? I am assuming that getting the Vault implemented in everyday use will be the best so that may be my next headache. Any good references or information would be great. Have a great St. Patrick's Day! -Kelly Patrick
  14. I've got an assembly of a crown road and daylight sloping running along a corridor. At one point there is a retaining wall along the shoulder which I want to daylight to (the rest of the road daylights to the original ground). I've inserted a "LinkOffsetandSlope" subassembly that will do what I want in the area of the wall (represented by a feature line). But for areas of the road where there is no wall, it still shows a link running to the default offset. Is there any way I can make this work without making another assembly and separate region? Thanks...
  15. RichardAlbert

    Help with simple shaft animation

    Hello everyone, I hope I am not doing something bad by posting in here....I read a ton of threads and nothing seems to help me out. I have a very simple animation which consists of a pillow block holding a shaft that sticks out 1 inch on each side. I have been trying to get this to work for DAYS now and I am getting very frustrated cause I dont know what I am doing wrong. I have assembled my shaft and pillow block correctly and managed to animate it (10 Revolutions in 20 seconds) I was also able to add a pin on one side of the shaft to lock into a pin or a connecting rod at some future point and the animation still works fine. My problem is when I try to add a lock pin to the other side of the shaft for some reason I can easily manipulate it in Assembly mode with my mouse but as soon as I try to run the animation on it with the constraints it stops working. If I suppress the constraints for the second lock pin, the animations starts working again. I dont know what im doing wrong.....please for the love of god someone help me. I am attaching a zip file with all three parts and the assembly file. I realize this is probably a real newbie problem but I am in the process of learning. I LOVE inventor. All I need now is to fully understand animations and why the heck everything goes wrong as soon as I have two parts constrained to my shaft. Thank you so much for your time and I hope this doesn't **** anyone off. Richard Simple.zip
  16. malindenmoyer

    "Top Down" Assembly Problem

    I have created a wing assembly using a "top down" approach. Essentially, I have planes spaced accordingly with airfoil profiles on each. I used these sketches as the "skeleton" of my model, with several features driven by the sketches. The problem is I need to delete a spline and replace it with another one, and I know that I will lose all the constraints linked to that original spline. Is there a way to avoid losing all the constraints? (I have tried replacing it, and it throws errors due to the original spline being deleted) I am trying to avoid having to go into each feature and redefine the constraints. Perhaps a solution to this problem would involve changing the name of the new spline to match the original. I have not figured out how to do this (after much research) nor do I know if its possible. Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  17. I would like to save a version #2 of a an existing assembly and its containing parts. Meaning when I edit parts in version #1, the #2 parts should not be effected, and vice versa. (When I use "Save as" only the assembly file is copied and it is linked to the original parts in #1.) What is the correct way to do this??? Thanks
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