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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, i need little help with dividing polygon to parts. I attach .dwg with what i need. Thank you Test2.dwg
  2. I could use some insight from some clever people..... Sorry for the length of the post, but I feel more explanation will help you in understanding my situation. I also believe this is a situation that MANY designers/Engineers face. I have tried to be as concise and brief as possible. We do custom fabrication of steel structures. We have a "bread-n-butter" product, as well as accommodating many different custom steel projects. Quite often these structures need many "small", and widely different parts. Therefore, for each project the fabricators need: part dwgs / details / subassembly details / etc.. (Just to be absolutely clear...) Definition of terms: Part: A piece of steel to be welded to another piece of steel, to create an over all assembly. Detail: A zoomed in or additional notes/dimensions provided of a particular joint of a steel part to another steel part. Evolution of the process over the past year: Previously we have used a single .dwg file for each and every part/detail. I've introduced having all parts/details for the project in one .dwg file. And have them shown in viewports in a layout tab with a titleblock. I'd like to automate as much of this process as I can. (The process is up for review if you wish to offer alternatives.) Using AutoCAD 2013. Process: MODELSPACE: The overall design of the project is completed. Any/all parts, steel joint details, fabrication details, sub-assembly details are created in the same .dwg file. LAYOUT TAB / PAPERSPACE: We would like to have as many parts/details on one printed sheet as possible. A company title block is in the layout tab. Multiple viewports are created in paperspace (as many as needed to show all the parts/details). Each viewport would show one of the parts/details from modelspace. Pictures worth their memory size: --→----→----↓-- ↓ Link to all the above images on Imgur.com LISP routine explained in reply ↓ *Edit* Added example .dwg file: View Parts in Layout.dwg
  3. I use Autocad 2010 for Arechitectural applications and have a very basic question. Once I have drawn a line & I want to split it into smaller parts, how do I do it?
  4. I am trying to draw the part as shown in attachment. I started off with the base rectangle whose dimensions are 120 * 42. After zooming out completely, it's still too big and takes the entire screen space. If I draw the rectangle and scale it, say by .5, would I have to scale every other line/circle that I draw from there on individually? Or is there a more efficient way to do this? Thanks a bunch in advance.
  5. I used to be able to update a part, save it and then the assembly would automatically update. This is no longer happening. Is there a setting somewhere that I have to change? When I close the assembly and re open it asks if I would like to update then. I feel like I shouldn't have to close an assembly each time I make an update to a part. Thanks in advance Dave
  6. Normally I create parts from scratch and produce drawings from the parts files I've created. However, this time, my work sent a STP (STEP) file which contains numerous pieces and I'm supposed to do drawings for each of the individual parts. But I can't figure out how to get the parts separated into parts files to do drawings from (and that's the only way I know how to produce drawings). It seems I can only isolate and export the various pieces in into DWG/DWF format. I tried this, but when I open them, I can't figure out how to export them to parts files or do drawings from them. I have tried googling dozens of different keywords all morning but haven't seem to come across whatever I am missing here. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. My company has over 5,000 blocks ( parts ) each with an attribute added to them. In this case the PRICE. When we have a price change, we need to open all files / parts affected and change the attribute. is there an easier / better method of doing this ? Its very time consuming and simply isn't working as the prices are fluctuating too much due to supplier changes. Any ideas most welcome. Thanks:cry:
  8. derranged cadder

    parts lists problem

    Users of 2010 and 2011 Civil 3D (32 and 64bit) in my office using either windows xp or windows 7 are unable to add part sizes to part families in the parts list. This problem has been affecting us for awhile and we are in the dark on how to go about fixing it. The problem affects everyone in this office so it cant be just a local computer problem? Here is the scenario we are able to re-create, doing a fresh install of Civil 3D solves the problem but then after shutting down and logging back in the problem starts again. Therefore eliminating the possibility of a broken pipe catalogue? Also we have tried multiple catalogues on different drives and also the one in the C drive to no avail. Our conclusion is that something changes after logging off and windows? is unable to read the xml files in the pipe catalogue. Attached is a picture of the part size creator dialog box we are getting which as you can see is short of the options for adding multiple sizes etc. Tried not to bore you, hopefully everything is mentioned, any help is greatly appreciated. Anthony
  9. I would like to save a version #2 of a an existing assembly and its containing parts. Meaning when I edit parts in version #1, the #2 parts should not be effected, and vice versa. (When I use "Save as" only the assembly file is copied and it is linked to the original parts in #1.) What is the correct way to do this??? Thanks
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