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I had to update some drawings from AutoCAD 2007 and each of these drawings has at least 7 XRef files attached to it. Each of these files have about the same number of XRef files attached to them as well. These drawings keep going this way for about 3 more layers.


I copied all of the CAD files together (125 dwg files) into a new folder. I am using AutoCAD LT 2012. I opened each file to make sure each drawing is intact. Each drawing opened perfectly. However, when I saved each drawing, closed it and then opened it again to start editing things in the Current drawing, some of the XRefs were no longer attached, loaded or referenced.


Every time I open a drawing now, most of the XRef files have a status of Unloaded, Unreferenced or Not Found. The Loaded and Attached XRef files change when I close the drawing and open it again.


The Path is saved correctly for most of the missing XRef drawings, but when I use the drop down "Found At" field to apply the path again, it still does not find the drawings. A few of the XRef files have no path at all.


I have also tried to Attach the file again instead of updating the path, but it does not create a new XRef and when I open each drawing again, the same thing happens.


I have updated the path for the Unloaded XRef files and they reload successfully, but when I save and open the drawing again, they are Unloaded again or sometimes Not Found.


I have gotten to the point of opening the actual drawing of the XRef and copying into my current drawing just to not deal with the issue because I have to get things done and make progress.


I need a lot of help to solve this because I have 14 more floors in this building and I cannot temporarily fix each one.


Thank you in advance to everyone who helps. I truly appreciate it.

Have a great day.

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Try using the "Projectname" tool for these drawings.

Under Options/Files tab - there's a drop down called "Project files search path"

1. Add a new folder (I generally use the job number or job name)

2. Then add the path(s) - These get directed to wherever you have the xrefs that make up the drawing(s)

3. Then open each of the troublesome drawings and run the "Projectname" command. This will ask for a new value. Use the exact same name you used in step 1

4. Close and re-open


This is just a shot in the dark, but I think it will help you out.

If it does work and there are other people that will be opening them, they'll need to have steps 1 and 2 done on their systems.

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Start > Programs > Autodesk > AutoCAD LT 2012 > Reference Manager

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