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smaller with distance


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I'm using cad 2013 and my boss needs something that appears smaller as it fades into the distance. it has occurred to me that I've always looked past the fact that autocad makes everything the same size (i.e. any circle drawn at 90mm will look the same in front view no matter how far you space them in top view). So the program doesn't give the natural "fading into the distance" effect. is there a way to make it look more realistic using a view or rendering or something that I am unaware of?

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how do I create the visual style to add lines indicating curvature as shown above?


I have my drawing in perspective but am looking for detail guidelines like that ^

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You're welcome jacktopus. Everyone starts somewhere. I would have given more details but I'm on a much older release. As far as getting the curvature lines, do you mean the radial Lines? I'm not certain that can be done but a render of the perspective should produce a more visually accurate representation

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Most people ask how they can get rid of lines.


How about Shaded with Edges? Probably too rough for your tastes.


Better yet, how about X-ray?

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Right click the view cube and select "perspective"


Thanks Patrick, Feeling like a noob now -__________-


You can also find it in the dropdown view menu in the viewport controls, if you have then enabled, in the upper left corner of any acive viewport.

Or just type perspective at the commandline and change the value from 0 to 1.

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Or perhaps this?


That looks pretty great ReMark. :beer:

I love the X-ray visual style,

but don't get to use it as often as I would like.

Sometimes in a very busy detail drawing of an assembly I get to use it.

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