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Found 18 results

  1. Hello people, is it possible to create custom paper size with autolisp, i found a lot of information how to select printer, paper, but i do not see anything for creating custom paper size.
  2. User is running AutoCAD 2017. Every so often after closing AutoCAD, and restarting it, the layer palette positions itself as shown in the screenshot with no user interaction. Even more bizarre, user was just given a NEW PC with a fresh install, and no "migration" was done. This still happens on new PC occasionally. Any thoughts?
  3. I am a complete newbie with cad. I have received 2d dwg of a factory floor that i will use as a background drawing in another program. The problem is that the dwg is very big/heavy and therefor my other program gets slow. There is a lot of machines drawn as 2d shapes with a lot of lines that layer seems to be the biggest by far. I have tried some pointers that i found online. Purge,overkill and so on it helped a bit but the drawing is still slow/big. I was wondering if there was a way to make the machines into one giant object like a picture or similar to make the drawing smaller and therefor faster to load? There is no need for me to keep the original cad objects i only need a smaller dwg for my other program and use the drawing as a dead background.
  4. Hello, I spend a lot of time to find idea how to set paper custom size. i.e. I have drawing, and I want to print it. Drawing in layout has 920mm x 875mm. My plotter has defined this size but I want to plot to PDF by DWGtoPDF.pc3. How to add new custom size of paper (920mm x 875 mm or other...) so that after this I could set in ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.CanonicalMediaName=myCustomSizeName . I have a lot of drawing and almost every has another size so adding in autocad manually once is not enough. Do you have any ideas?
  5. This search has me baffled as to how there seems to be no trace of this question/answer on the whole internet! How can I make the labels (Distance, Lookup etc.) bigger in the dynamic block editor? I can tell they are relative to screen size, I zoom in and they adjust, I just need them a little bigger. Is it a windows setting? I've looked in Options/Display/Fonts and it only controls command line size. Thanks! R.L. Hamm
  6. Hi all, I am newbie in Revit. I want to scale down the "room tag" (defined in original "M_Room Tag.rfa" or "Room Tag.rfa" files) to use it in some small areas. I know how to change the font size of labels, but I tried with no success to change the border of label. Who can help me? I appreciate any help or clues directing to solve the problem. P.S. I made a mistake typing "room tag" in title of thread, unable to correct it.
  7. Hello, I have a gigantic file size that I can't seem to iron out. The file is currently sitting at 13mb+ . I have tried clearing filters, purging the drawing, and even went as far as copying the lines I need to a new drawing. When I copied to a new drawing the file saved as 14mb+. I did a test and deleted everything from drawing, did a purge, and for some reason, the empty drawing is 13mb+. I am at wits end as to why this is occurring, any tips would be greatly appreciated. Due to the file size the drawing is really slow to work with.
  8. I'm using cad 2013 and my boss needs something that appears smaller as it fades into the distance. it has occurred to me that I've always looked past the fact that autocad makes everything the same size (i.e. any circle drawn at 90mm will look the same in front view no matter how far you space them in top view). So the program doesn't give the natural "fading into the distance" effect. is there a way to make it look more realistic using a view or rendering or something that I am unaware of?
  9. Hello, I'm a mechanical engineer with a lot of experience working with SolidWorks, but no experience with AutoCAD. My boss has asked me to take a 44MB .DWG and compress it to under 15MB so that it can be viewed on his iPad to show to clients (using the AutoCAD WS which is limited to opening files smaller than 15MB). I spent hours doing this several weeks ago and was just barely able to get it down to the required size. However, I was never able to repeat the process and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure how I did it. Now I have to do it again for a different file and am struggling to do so. Since the file is just going to be quickly shown to clients it does not need to have all 400 layers or any other kind of accompanying details. Hell I could merge all the layers together if that would reduce the file size and I knew how to do that. I'm not at my work computer right now, but I think by clicking options under save and removing all proxy images (or something like that) I was able to reduce the file size to around17MB. I've purged the file as well but that only removed a few KB. Can anyone help me out with a suggestion on further compressing the file? Thank you!
  10. Perhaps this question can best be explained by my current example. I have created a cylinder: Radius 55 Height 55 Height Segments 5 Cap segments 1 Sides 25 I am creating my images from vectors, so I can size them how I want. What size would my image have to be to fit perfectly on the outer sides of this cylinder? How is that calculation computed and does 3ds max offer any tools to assist in this? __ On a related question, say I wanted to hightlight a 3x3 area of polygons so that I could apply a material to this segment. How would I determine the pixil size of the highlighted polygons so that I could set my image to that same size? Is there a way to determine size attributes of a selection? (in this case, the selected polygons) Thanks for any assistance it is much appreciated
  11. hi, i am using cad designcenter blocks for bolt and nuts what happened while dragging (whether i have done it or not) the nut size is 4 times bigger is coming i gone checked in the source file of design center it is ok there but when i drag i from the paletter it shows size more and the same component if i drag in another drg. its ok thell me how to solve it. because i working in that file
  12. Is there any way to resize (scale) building 150% but keep size of symbols and text. If I do "scale" x1.5 then building and symbol and text changes size, but I do not want symbols and text to change size. When building is resized I want all symbols/text to follow the resize change so they follow the building change at same places but keep their size. (so I do not need to replace all symbols/text) Building and symbols are in different Layers if that can help. I think symbols are "block"
  13. khoshravan

    cad file upload limitation

    Is there any size limitation for uploading .wdg files to this forum?
  14. I've heard that you can reduce file size using polyline instead of line while drawing (or vice versa... don't remember) Could you advice please, is it true and what exactly should be used. I think, why we would need the line tool at all if polyline more convenient... unless I am missing something... ?
  15. I've got three docked palettes on the right of my screen (Properties, Sheet Set, and Xref) and I'm trying to set their heights. If I just drag them to the size I want they do not keep this size when I re-open Autocad, or when I close all files (so that all the palettes but Sheet Set close) and then open a new one. In either case when the UI loads again the palettes seem to negotiate amongst themselves what sizes they want to be. Once they do this they don't change again, but they won't keep the size I set. I have tried setting the heights in CUI but the palettes either don't respond, or resize as above, sometimes even changing order, and then don't respond further. I tried setting the heights to 0, which is supposed to be "do not change" but that doesn't work either. I tried saving my workspace after dragging them to size, but they still don't stay. If I set the heights to 0 in CUI, drag them to size, save the workspace, and then close all files and open one as above they still change size. So how do I get them to stay? Why don't they respond to the height setting in CUI?
  16. LittleManApps

    Stuck on change size of a dwg

    Hi, I need quick help on how I can change the size of the canvas (if thats what it's called, sorry I'm new to inventor) to ISO A4. I created a 3D model then made a dwg out of it now I can't change the canvas size Thanks, LMA
  17. I have an assembly of a small box with added features that I made, and each side of the box is 8 inches in length. I want to 3D print the box, but I obviously do not want the box to be 8x8x8 when printed:) Is there a way to easily "scale down" the box so that it is 1x1x1 when measured in inventor? I am using inventor 2011 I tried searching but could not find anything, thanks for your time.
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