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Simple Assembly FEA analysis question


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Dear all,


I have two parts that put together. Basically a triangular ring is put into a hole of a hollow cylinder. The triangular ring (0.5 dia) could freely move inside the hole (0.625 dia).


I need to do a FEA analysis, my steps are

1. I mate the centerline of the hole to one of the axis of the triangle ring, so they line up (as least visually), then click OK. AND then delete this constraint

2. Start FEA analysis, put fix constraint at the bottom of the cylinder, add force to the ring

3. ADD 2 contacts (separation, no sliding)

4. RUN


I cannot believe the result. I apply 50 lbf only, but the safety factor is close to zero. Do my steps right???


Pictures and parts are attached. Inventor 2014




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I just ran the FEA on your model and got a safety factor of 6 using (sliding / no separation) @ 50 lbf. Passed that test with fling colours as it should do.;)

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