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Sheet Sets and Incorrect File Paths


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Hey friends...first post here but I've been lurking and taking advice from you all for a while.


I'm rebuilding the primary project template folder for my company. This folder contains a variety of drawings linked together using Xrefs and such. I'm setting up sheet sets to help in the plotting of these sheets.


I'm working with 15 different drawings and setting up 130 sheet sets that will each plot 1 layout from each of these 15 drawings. All of the drawings have the same layout names (A1, B1, C1,...,Z5). So, for example, the A1 layout from all 15 drawings is 1 sheet set.


When a new project is started, the template folder is copied and renamed. A known issue is that this new project still links all of the Xrefs back to the original template folder's DWGs. We use a script plus the 'Redir" command to update the Xref paths.


Now I'm noticing that the Sheet sets I've setup are having the same behavior, and I can't seem to find a way to quickly fix the file path of 130 sheet sets with 15 sheets per set.


Any advice?



Also, is anyone aware of a faster way to setup the sheet sets I've described above other then individually adding layouts to their respective sheet set. I was hoping there would be a batch type method given that all the layouts have standard names.

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Before you even begin setting up a new sheet set, set up the "page Set up override file"


this is just a blank drawing daved in the same folder as the sheet set fille. Create a layout and a bunch of named page set ups for your plotter set ups in this file. This is usefull when you import a bunch of drawings that have different page setups in them. you just publish to the override file instead.



I would set up one sheet set. When setting it up, I never use the option "use existing drawings" even if I already have the drawings.


I use the "example sheet set and go to the last item on the dropdown menu "new Sheet Set"


Rememer to set your page set up over ride file in the "sheet Set Properties" box.


once you have set up your sheet set, open one of your files.


Create subfolders in the sheet set. you can set these up by file name, by disicipline, project phase, whatever.


As you will be importing the files, you don't need to set up relative folder locations or specify a template file.


Right click on the subfolder and select "import layout as sheet" (note that you have to have a DWG file ope to do this. It can be any dwg file, but if there are no files open, you won't be able to import)


navigate to your file, select it and all the layouts available for import will be shown.


At this point, I recomend that you pay attention to the ordering of the layouts in the list and reorder them as needed using the sort buttons at the top of the list. For some reason (in 2007, at tleast) AC tends to list the files in a random order (i'm sure there is a logic to it, I just cant figure it out)


As there are duplicate layout tab names, be sure to check the box to include the file name in the sheet set name.




When plotting, you can select whatever files you wish and either plot them according to the sage set up for that layout, or use the page set up override.


in 2007, I set up the page setup override to plot to PDF. That way, selecting a bunch of files and plotting using the over ride creates one single PDF file. (file size limitiations may affect your results on this)

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OK, re reading your post, I think I understand.


You have a master set of project files.


You copy those files to a create a new porject file folder.


are the xref paths absolute or relative?

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Also, is anyone aware of a faster way to setup the sheet sets I've described above other then individually adding layouts to their respective sheet set. I was hoping there would be a batch type method given that all the layouts have standard names.


Copy and paste works.


Create a single, master sheet set in the master project file.

Link the layouts in that folder to the sheet set.

Select the whole folder with the drawings and sheet sets and copy and paste a new project file.

Change the name of the new sheet set in the folder.

navigate to that using the "open" option in the SSM

open one of the layouts, it should be one of the new files.

change the name of the sheet set using the properties option.


Note, do not rename the DWG files, just the folder they are in.

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