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How do I set Pickbox colour?


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I have set my drawing background colour to a pale beige because it's easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, when I am using Isometric Snap the pickbox in the pointer is all but invisible (being white).


I have searched the Drawing Window Colors dialog without success.


Can someone tell me how to set the pickbox colour?



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I thought that the pickbox was the same colour as the crosshairs. Have you tried altering the pointer colour?


Sorry about the quality of this graphic but it gives you some idea of how difficult it is to see. This is the cross-hair-and-pickbox in AutoCAD 2014 when in Isometric Snap mode.



The coloured crosshairs are hard enough to see, the white pickbox virtually impossible.

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I must confess that I have never seen multi coloured cross-hairs - perhaps my version is not quite of the latest :shock:


Try AutoCAD 2014. This is the student version - FREE - so you can have a look at what has changed in eleven years.

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I am heartened that you eventually took the advice that I gave in the first response to your thread.


Have you tried altering the pointer (cross hair) colour?




Try the student version


Perhaps it is not I who needs the Educational version :shock:

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Glad it worked. I wasn't sure if isometric snap was considered 3D by AutoCAD since you are actually drawing in 2D but the multi colored crosshairs were a clue as the default for 3D is to have that on and 2D it is off.

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