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How do I extend a cone/pyramid-like 3D object ?


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Here is how I can best describe my question. Assume that I have an odd pyramid 3D-solid say with a polygon basis that lies on a "floor". The apex was higher than the ceiling, so I "sliced" the pyramid to fit it right under the ceiling.


Now, I change my mind and want to make the ceiling slightly higher (say, 1"): after raising the ceiling I am left with a sliced pyramid that is cut 1"below the ceiling. Question is : what is the best way to re-extend the pyramid (and make it look like it was cut by the higher ceiling) ?


I cannot just "undo" because too many things happened in the meantime.


I can imagine re-creating the unsliced pyramid by press-pulling the upper sliced surface and then slice this extension with each side of the original sliced pyramid and ultimately re-slice with the new ceiling. Can I do better / faster than that ?


Thanks !

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Try using the LOFT command, with the POINT option

to loft the top external edge of your truncated pyramid

to the intended apex of the pyramid. Check that your loft settings are set to SOLID,

then join the two of them together, and reslice to the new elevation.

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