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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, i have a little problem with cad... How can i extend line to the surface? Is there any chance to do this? I tried to do this but everything is pointless... Thanks for help e: Ofc line intersects the plane
  2. The lines are so close that I cannot even see a gap but apparently there is a minuscule gap therefore the lines aren't trimming. Rather than extend all of them, is there a way to adjust the tolerance so they trim anyway? this could save a lot of time. Thanks, K
  3. Here is how I can best describe my question. Assume that I have an odd pyramid 3D-solid say with a polygon basis that lies on a "floor". The apex was higher than the ceiling, so I "sliced" the pyramid to fit it right under the ceiling. Now, I change my mind and want to make the ceiling slightly higher (say, 1"): after raising the ceiling I am left with a sliced pyramid that is cut 1"below the ceiling. Question is : what is the best way to re-extend the pyramid (and make it look like it was cut by the higher ceiling) ? I cannot just "undo" because too many things happened in the meantime. I can imagine re-creating the unsliced pyramid by press-pulling the upper sliced surface and then slice this extension with each side of the original sliced pyramid and ultimately re-slice with the new ceiling. Can I do better / faster than that ? Thanks !
  4. Hi all and I hope I can put this over properly. Is this possible, as a for instance in Autocad 2011 If I had an heptagan (7 sides) (had to look this up LOL) which was equal sides and I deleted one line, would I be able to move the two end lines together so it is then a Hextegon (6 sides) and they are all still equal??? Or move one of the end lines to close the gap, and all the other lines move with it to keep it in proportion. I have the BIG Autocad Bible but not knowing what the name of this process is, makes it hard for me to look it up. I can select all the lines and move them but not close the gap. Hope this all make sense. Thank you in advance.
  5. I'm having trouble with the "extend" function on AutoCAD 2012 (windows). Randomly, the "extend" function will delete the lines I select. I sometimes will have to undo and re-input "extend" three to four times for it work properly. No, this isn't a major issue however, it is certainly irritating after hours of use. Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. I have a hatched area (A wall with a column inside wall). I deleted the column and now its place is void (no hatch). How can I extend the hatch pattern to fill the column location as well? I read some threads about associative or non-associative hatch areas, but I don't think that could solve my problem.
  7. Hi, I hope I'm not far off..trying to quick select all mlines and extend all 2"...Unfortunately, I soon discovered I couldn't use a lisp Lee generously provided to post studs/point loads (shown 4" solid blocks) at the end of all the beams/hdrs very effectively unless they extended 2" over the wall. I did finally worked out my first lisp first lisp ever while trying to work this out! It quick selects all mlines..haha. Below is the code I was hoping to modify for the 2" extend on both ends..Appreciate all help. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (defun c:EXTENDMLINES (/ lSet tmp doMode objLst actDoc) ;; *lDel global variable remembered during session (or *lDel (setq *lDel 2.0)) ; default value (princ "\n>>> Select lines to extend/reduce <<< ") (if (setq lSet (ssget ":L" ; reject locked layers '((0 . "*,MLINE") (8 . "str-txt") ) ) ) (progn ;; Get length to extend, Enter uses default length (initget (+ 2 4)) ; No zero, no negitive (cond ((setq tmp (getdist (strcat "\nSpecify delta: <" (rtos *lDel 2 2) "> "))) (setq *lDel tmp)) ) ;; Get Mode, default to "Both" (initget "Positive Negative Both") (cond ((null (setq doMode (getkword "\nSpecify direction [Positive/Negative/Both] <Both>: "))) (setq doMode "Both")) ) ;; Convert selection set to a list of objects (setq objLst (mapcar 'vlax-ename->vla-object (vl-remove-if 'listp (mapcar 'cadr (ssnamex lSet))))) (vla-startundomark (setq actDoc (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))) ;; Lengthen the lines (foreach ln objLst (if (member doMode '("Negative" "Both")) (vlax-put ln 'startpoint (polar (vlax-get ln 'startpoint) (vlax-get ln 'angle) (- *lDel)) ) ) (if (member doMode '("Positive" "Both")) (vlax-put ln 'endpoint (polar (vlax-get ln 'endpoint) (vlax-get ln 'angle) *lDel) ) ) ) (vla-endundomark actDoc) ) ) (princ) ) (prompt "\nLengthen Lines Loaded, Enter extendmlines to run.") (princ)/
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