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2D CAD map of Las Vegas

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Hi there,


I'm studying architecture in the UK and have a project on Las Vegas ... Does anyone know where I can find a 2D CAD map of the city to download free?


a road map or something similar!!



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Contact the Las Vegas Planning and Zoning Department or visit its website. If that fails then in descending order do the same for the...


Bureau of Engineering

Department of Public Works

Police Department - Traffic Division


Expect to be charged. Most large cities made a sizable investment to put their maps on CAD so they need to get a return on their investment.


Two other options come to mind.


The Nevada Department of Transportation and the Department of Tourism.


Topographic Contour CAD Drawing Files - City of Las Vegas. There's at least 47 sheets. Combine them altogether in one drawing and I think you'll end up with a pretty large file size. Maybe if you delete all the contouring it would help. Get ready to put in some serious time.




Full city map in PDF form.




More city maps than you'll know what to do with can be seen here...




Seek and ye shall find.

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