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Alignment and profile problem


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Hello all,


I have received a redesign from a sub that is a bit problematic. I will explain it as best I can. The plan has a main road alignment. I have received a redesigned pipe design. I have the pipe alignment, no problem there. It runs along the road alignment, not parallel, and crosses from one side of the road alignment to the other in several places. The issue is with the pipe profile. The sub created, reused, my road alignment profile and drew their pipe profile on it. They labeled station and elevations on their profile. The stationing is based on the road alignment and elevations are for their pipe profile. Since their profile is drawn on the road profile it is 'stretched' in some areas and greatly foreshortened in others.


Does someone know of a slick way for me to project the pipe profile elevations to the pipe alignment so I can generate a feature line?


Civil only wants to place the points on the road alignment.


I'd just do it manually but it's about 3,500' and a lot of points.


Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.



Additional info

There are only a very few pipe profile elevations that match the pipe alignment geometry points.

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Additional info
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Wow phil it almost sounds like it would be easier to just recreate the pipe profile using its own Profile and stationing and then

superimpose the new pipe profile onto the road profile. (if I understand what your saying correctly?:))

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