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Batch Plot to PDF with Custom Filenames

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Here's a question for the jedi's. Any idea how I can do a batch plot to PDF whilst appending some element to the end of the filename?


Using AutoCAD 2011's batch plot, or TrueView 2014's batch plot the default PDF filename when plotting to PDF appears to be:




Which is okay. But I want to append to that the revision of the layout (C1, C2, etc.) which I currently store in a title block as a block attribute value. Any ideas if there's a method for somehow pulling this out and including it after the filename such that I could end up with:




Any thoughts? We're currently trying to transition to using the Sheet Set Manager, is the above any easier to achieve using that?



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Pablo Ferral

I don't know of a way to do this natively in AutoCAD.


If you batch plot via the sheet set manager the PDF files will be created from the layout name only.


We've taken to including the revision number as part of the file name. We changed the field in the title block to read 'drawing number and revision'.


As long as the file is only renamed via the sheet set manager, the file name, layout name and title block will always be in sync and the PDF's don't need to be re-named.

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