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Quick Acces Toolbar


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The quick acces toolbar some how ended up below the ribbon, even though the CUI states above the ribbon.


How can i fix this?


On some drawings it is right, but then the properties tab that used to stop below the ribbon, now runs the height of the screen

Quick Acces.JPG


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I don't think the problem is the graphics card or driver. the driver is upto date and tho program is fine one day and the next day it's not.

Anyway, the problem is back, as you can see from the images the option show above ribbon is not there as it 'thinks' it is above the ribbon, also the 'window control' bar (where you can move the window) is below the ribbon


Thanks for your help se far

Ribbon Above Window Control.jpg

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Just for kicks and giggles. Try reselecting your workspace from the drop-down in the bottom-right corner. It will probably already say that your workspace is active, but I've found doing this refreshes it. Sometimes my workspace goofs up (docked pallets are in different spots) and this seems to fix it.

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