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I have been trying to figure out what the connection difference to AutoCAD mechanical the viewports really have.




We all run 2013 AutoCAD Mechanical.


Some users use the ribbon (AMVport) command to create our viewports.


Some users use MVIEW.


This causes major problems when trying to print through the .pdf program due to the box that comes up:




I have figured out how to manipulate the MView viewport enough so that it behaves like AMVport or at least doesn't bring up this box, but now I am finding that the problems exist when trying to use a scale other than Imperial.


For instance: I have a detail that is using a scale 1:8. I have two other viewports that are using the scale 1:2 (or 6”:1’0”). I get this message then but only sometimes. It isn't consistent enough to figure out why one will work and why the other won’t.


I don’t want to put limits on how the drafters to their jobs, but still have to be able to use the features and programs as they are designed – that includes not having error messages.

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Why wouldn't you want everyone who uses mechanical to do some things exactly the same as everyone else in the group? Letting users go rogue on you only creates problems (as you have witnessed) rather than solving them. I mean there does seem to be a very valid reason behind using AMVport from what you have said thus far.

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I started to type the reason but then realized that it is way more political then I care to get into. Lets just say that isn't possible at this point.


Older drawings have both ports in them - I need to be able to see clearly how one is created.


Even when everyone is (saying) they are creating them through the ribbon - I am still getting this error.


Part of the problem is scaling - the option 1:8 shows, you can select it - but it doesn't have an imperial counterpart - so it doesn't want to print this correctly. It represents itself as if it was created by MVIEW - but I know for a fact that it wasn't as I did it myself.

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When using AMVPORTS you set the scale in that dialog box. Later if you need to change the scale you must doubleclick on the edge of the viewport (I know) and a dialog box will come up where you can change the scale. Don't use the viewport scale pulldown at the bottom of the screen because they won't stay in sync and then you will get that message.

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Yes, we are currently doing that.


I have noticed that you can change the scale in the properties box as long as you change it through the Annotation Scale. The Standard scale will change accordingly and you can view the drawing in each scale (which I like).


Don't get the error messages when i do this.


Same thing when these are different - can change both to match, then double click on the viewport and change it to match as well. Then virtually (except the things that are connected behind the scenes) all viewports are AMVPORTS.

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What is the reasoning behind the way AutoDesk set that AMVPORTS up that way if I may ask.


Wish I knew that. I could answer the problems I was having with that information. Autodesk themselves can't figure out how to answer my question either at this point.

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Make a directive that all viewports are to be created using mview only...


That has already been done - thank you, but not for MVIEW. That is what is "breaking" all the other drawings.


I guess I have to just continue checking these drawing by drawing until we get everything up to date or something changes. Was hoping there was something else out there to do.


Thank you all for your input.

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