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Help needed regarding points


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I have a AutoCAD plan with roughly 1000 points . I want to display a sl. number along side the respective points and then generate A excel file with point number and their co ordinates. I am very new to AutoCAD. Can anyone give me detailed procedure how to do this?? Thanks in advance

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I noticed many times discussions on this matter, so a search on the Forum for "points numbering" should give you plenty of options; an AutoLISP routine that will give you the expecting result may be later easily adapted to export in CSV (for Excel) format.

May want also to take a look to the tools Lee Mac is kindly offering.

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Give this a go expects a text style of pick pt, default ht =0 not preset


(defun pt2txt ( / ss x y z lineans)
(setq ss (ssget "x"  (list (cons 0 "Point"))))
(setq fout (open "C:/temp/pt2txt.csv" "w"))
(setq I 0)
(repeat (sslength ss)
(setq pt (assoc 10 (entget (ssname ss I))))
(setq x (nth 1 pt))
(setq y (nth 2 pt))
(setq z (nth 3 pt))
(setq lineans (strcat (rtos (+ I 1) 2 0) "," (rtos x 2 3) "," (rtos y 2 3) "," (rtos z 2 3)))
(princ lineans)
(command "text" (list x y z ) 2.5 0 lineans ) ;pt x y z 
;(command "text" (list x y z ) 2.5 0 (rtos I 2 0) ) ; pt numb only
(write-line lineans fout)
(setq I (+ I 1))
) ; repeat
(close fout)

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