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How do you use Xref layer states in fromat sheets?


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I know theres probably thousands of threads on this but I can't seem to find one that specifically deals with my situation and I'm a bit of a noob at acad. My office has content files with layer states that are xrefed into format sheets (don't ask me why we do it this but its just the way things are here), and all I am trying to do is have the layer states, which I set up in the xrefed file, be used in the format sheet file while keeping all the layers in the format sheet the way they are. Now what happens currently is that in the fromat sheet when I click the layer state tab, I can see the layer state of the xref (I can't see this in the layer state manager dialog box) and when I click one, the layers change to the appropriate xrefed layer states but turns everything else off. Yes I could just turn on all the layers I want in the format sheet but that takes a while to do and I also want to be able to keep refreshing the xrefed layer state without affecting the layers in the format sheet. So I would appreciate any help on this. Thank you!

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