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Found 8 results

  1. I want to add another layer to my routine to allow saving of layer state for On/off, Lock, Freeze, and restore them back after routine. I got the locked layer part but i could not understand this awesome crazy simple routine by Kent1Copper from Autodesk Forum (defun GLL (/ lay); = Get Locked Layers (while (setq lay (tblnext "layer" (not lay))) (if (= (logand (cdr (assoc 70 lay)) 4) 4); locked (setq LockedLayers (strcat (cond (LockedLayers) ("")) (cdr (assoc 2 lay)) ",")) ); if ); while ); defun (defun UAL (); = Unlock All Layers (command "_.layer" "_unlock" "*" "") ); defun (defun RLL () ; = Relock [formerly] Locked Layers (command "_.layer" "_lock" LockedLayers "") ); defun Basically, I do not understand this part of code below, where and how it capture the lock/unlock layer state and how i can capture the on/off & freeze layer state (while (setq lay (tblnext "layer" (not lay))) (if (= (logand (cdr (assoc 70 lay)) 4) 4); locked (setq LockedLayers (strcat (cond (LockedLayers) ("")) (cdr (assoc 2 lay)) ",")) ); if ); while Many thanks in advance.
  2. My drawings have multiple layouts with multiple View Ports in each, the drawing has a few Layer States set up (mainly made up of VP freezes). Within each layout all different layer states are used in various view ports. Problem is when I have to update a layer state they don't automatically update all the view port using the same layer state. I have to individually click into each view port and restore the state via the layer manager the (there are hundreds of view ports). Is there a variable I have to set (my VISRETAIN is set to 1 and would like to keep at 1)? How can I make the layer state apply changes to all view ports (if not the whole drawing then layout by layout would help) using the same layer state when updated?
  3. Hi all I need a lisp that adds a prefix to all layer state layers. So here is my situation, I work at a civil engineering consultancy who design mostly residential subdivisions. We have standard layers set up to keep everything consistent ie 'd driveway' or 'd back of kerb' ect and I have created a series of layer states for a range of of our standard drawings, ie 'set out plan' or 'detail plan'. My problem is these layer states will not work because when the drawing is xref'd in the layers now carry the prefix of the drawing name ie 'monbulk design xref/ d back of kerb'. As these layers are standard for every job we do I need a lisp that will either allow the layer state to ignore the drawing name prefix or will add the drawing name prefix to the layer state layer names. Thank you to everyone who stops by and reads this post. Any help will be very much appreciated.
  4. Looking some something that will allow me to copy an xref from one drawing and paste it into another drawing while keeping the layer status from the drawing that it was copied from. When I copy and paste the an Xref into a new drawing; it converts back to the layer state that exist in the actual xref drawing itself. It would be nice if we could copy select layers from the layer dialog box and paste them back into another drawing and have them overwrite if the layer already exist. I have used layer states but it gets a little time consuming when working with drawings with over 400 layers. I have used layer states but they are a little time consuming for me. Maybe someone knows a trick to accomplish what I am looking for.
  5. I know theres probably thousands of threads on this but I can't seem to find one that specifically deals with my situation and I'm a bit of a noob at acad. My office has content files with layer states that are xrefed into format sheets (don't ask me why we do it this but its just the way things are here), and all I am trying to do is have the layer states, which I set up in the xrefed file, be used in the format sheet file while keeping all the layers in the format sheet the way they are. Now what happens currently is that in the fromat sheet when I click the layer state tab, I can see the layer state of the xref (I can't see this in the layer state manager dialog box) and when I click one, the layers change to the appropriate xrefed layer states but turns everything else off. Yes I could just turn on all the layers I want in the format sheet but that takes a while to do and I also want to be able to keep refreshing the xrefed layer state without affecting the layers in the format sheet. So I would appreciate any help on this. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I am working on a massive project with many x-refs. We are using an STB, along with layer states for line weights. We are plotting from a sheet file, where our, and consultants' drawings, are x-reffed in. If we apply the layer state in the SHEET file, we will need to know all layers of our consultants. If we apply the layer state in the MODEL file, we will need vis-retain set to 0, and therefore we will need to redefine all of the layers of the x-ref to print grey every time we plot. Is there a way to work around this? Can you apply plot styles around different sheets more efficiently? Can you set an STB to look at the prefix of layers (ie. every layer starting with XXX, or every layer from a certain x-ref) be a certain plot style (ie. 60% grey)? Thanks, robyn
  7. Hello all I have a lisp routine which will load Layer states and I have assigned it's command to a button - each layer state is assigned to a unique name and a button is created for it - The lisp routine loads a specific .las file into the drawing. For that, I have created a folder with all *.las files stored in it. The problem is that when I click on a button to turn on a layer state, it will apply the layer state to all viewports. How can I apply a layer state to only one viewport and not affect all viewports in all tabs? below is what I have (DEFUN C:d105 () (command "Layer" "A" "I" "J:/AutoCAD 2010/Lman/Development/105.las" "R" "105" "" "" "")) Thank you for helping
  8. iuliandonici

    LAYER status issue

    Hi again, I would like to know why can't I use my layers, the ones that TURNED white while trying to import a layer state. Why aren't they "enabled" like the other layers?
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