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Batchplot on dedicated computer


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I was wondering if its possible and someone knows a way, to get another machine to do the grunt work on a batchplot; in a similar way to a render farm outsources computer power to do large renders.


I find the plot in background option takes significantly longer to plot and slows the computer down to boot, we have a spare CAD machine sitting in the corner, I'm imagining it wont be too hard but I could be wrong.



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You could look at writing a script for plotting on the other machine, I take it you are talking about significant volume here, multiple dwgs etc just start it up and walk away.


2nd You can take over control of another PC you basicly get to see whats going on so you would start it up load autocad then start plotting, it is used by our IT they ghost our pc and can see what we see in a seperate window they can move mouse, type commands etc, I am not sure of the overhead but it could be a good way to go. Not at work can not remember name of software. Will post tomorrow.


google "remote control of pc " lots of responces

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as BIGAL says, look in to using a script. I wrote my own script generator but there are several available including one from Lee Mac (search for him here).


Once you have created your script is can be run on any machine with AutoCAD available.


If you are printing hundreds I would suggest use the script in single document mode and keep an eye on the printer. We used to ask the security guard remove the output while on his night time rounds so that we didn't come in to a big pile of paper in the morning.


Oh, equally as important, if you are running your script overnight - MAKE SURE there are more than a couple of sheets of blank paper in the printer. :oops:

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Good advice yeah make sure you fill it up with paper. We have that problem here they expect some else will fill it for them when the printer stops and you want 1 page and its on page 5 of 345.

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especially annoying when your company adopts a "no spare paper by the printers" policy.


doubly annoying is when the person who sent the 345 page document doesn't fill up the paper but just sends it to another printer. :x


or the same printer again and again

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