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When inserting vertex in pline, jump to the new vertex

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Hi everyone,


I guess I messed up some strange option in AutoCAD here. For my job, I often need to add a number of vertices to a 2D Polyline / edit polylines.


Until a couple of days ago, when inserting a new vertex to a polyline, it automatically jumped to the new vertex, so I would add a number of vertices by only using the (insert) command.


But now, when inserting a new vertex in a polyline, the X stays on the original vertex, the vertex selected before inserting the new one. So when inserting a number of vertices, I have to press , then (next) for every vertex inserted. The way vertices get inserted now is as if you insert a vertex by pressing , then press

for previous so the X jumps back to the original. I'd like to insert a couple of vertices without pressing each time!


I have tried to find this option but couldn't find it anywhere. (pline options? Pedit options?) I am using AutoCAD 2010, no mouse commands (only keyboard). Hope someone can help me out here, thx in advance!


EDIT: English + more thorough explanaition...

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SOLVED!! Finally...


My Plinetype setting was set to 0 - I was drawing '2D polylines' instead of 'regular' polylines. Apparently these have different pedit methods, as described above.


Damn you Feature Creepy AutoCAD.

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