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Data Extraction to Excel turns data into dates.


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Hello Everyone,

I'm using AutoCad 2014 and have Microsoft office 2007. I use attributes in every drawing. Most have identifications as 1-01 which stands for Floor 1-Item #01 or 3-27 which stands for Floor 3-Item#27. When I use the data extraction, I extract it to the drawing, everything is correct at this point. Then export to a CSV file. If I open the CSV file in Excel all of my attributes turn into dates 1-Jan or 27-Mar. If I try to turn the column back to general or text it becomes some 5 digit number. Is there a way to export the data into excel but it keep the formating of the data in Cad?

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Format your excel cells as text before you import the data, or if you use the excel import data wizard the third screen gives you the chance to select the type of data for each column (choose text).

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In CAD the columns were previously set to text which is why I couldn't figure out why they were becoming dates in excel.


I redid the data extraction. On Page 5 of 8, I right clicked on each column, selected Set Column Data Format and changed them all to General. On Page 6 of 8, I selected to Insert data and to Output data. Instead of trying to export the table from CAD to excel, I opened the Output Data file created in excel directly. It opened and all of my data was correct, it had not converted to dates.


Thanks for your help! :D

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