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ifeature placement problem


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I am experiencing some difficulties when positioning ifeatures. This happens to the ifeatures I have created as well as those provided with Inventor.


I place the feature on the plane ok, and I select 'Open sketch' in the dialog box. All ok so far.


I place the first dimension to position the ifeature and enter either a numeric value or enter a parameter. When I press return or click the green tick button on the dimension, I seem to leave the sketch mode, and return to the part. However, it seems that Inventor is not fully out of sketch/dimension mode because I have to right click to select Esc or Ok before I can then right click on the sketch to edit it and add more dimensions to position the ifeature.


So basically I can only add one dimension to the ifeature at a time. I then have to re-enter the sketch to add another single dimension.


Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong, or what settings I could investigate.


Using Inventor Professional 2013

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Hi folks


After much more investigation I have solved my own problem - I will post details here in case it helps anyone else.


The part I was adding the ifeature to had an iLogic rule which was set to run after 'Any model parameter change'. After adding the first dimension, the rule seems to have run causing the problem. I have removed the relevant iLogic rule Event trigger, and so far all seems well.



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