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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I imported some bathymetric coordinates to AUTOCAD map 3d, they appeared as individual blocks, the numbers with a centered cross. I kept only the elevation attribute, adjusting size and position. After that, I had some issues, following: I have to put them into a map, in different sizes and rotation angles according to the place, I made different blocks, separating above 10 meters and below 10 meters, because of the position of the numbers (have to be centered, matching the comma with the cross, and they vary depending on the numbers - 1 and 2 digits), and the blocks got mixed in their properties (size and color). I left them like that for a while, because I did manually, but I'm trying to solve this with some routine or queries. I also need to classify the different depths with colors, according to the location. Is there a way to do it? Is it better to change from blocks to text? I'm trying to do a query for that, but is not working for blocks or text, I guess I am doing something wrong. Could you please, help me? Thanks in advance.
  2. Dear Forum users, I am working on a project in which I need to show all possible motions of a vessel. I now made multiple positions using the "positional representations" option in the model in which constraints get an override. Although this is useful we want to see all possible positions in between the 2 outer positions that may occur (all steps in between need to be verified.). I have searched the web and found nothing to indicate such a possibility in Inventor. However I have found something that almost exactly describes what I would like to do in Inventor. Unfortenatly the example I found is in PTC-CREO see link: https://grabcad.com/questions/tutorial-how-to-create-motion-envelope-model-with-ptc-creo-parametric-from-mechanism Does anyone have an idea how to accomplish this in Autodesk Inventor? Best regards, Rody
  3. DS-precast

    ifeature placement problem

    I am experiencing some difficulties when positioning ifeatures. This happens to the ifeatures I have created as well as those provided with Inventor. I place the feature on the plane ok, and I select 'Open sketch' in the dialog box. All ok so far. I place the first dimension to position the ifeature and enter either a numeric value or enter a parameter. When I press return or click the green tick button on the dimension, I seem to leave the sketch mode, and return to the part. However, it seems that Inventor is not fully out of sketch/dimension mode because I have to right click to select Esc or Ok before I can then right click on the sketch to edit it and add more dimensions to position the ifeature. So basically I can only add one dimension to the ifeature at a time. I then have to re-enter the sketch to add another single dimension. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong, or what settings I could investigate. Using Inventor Professional 2013
  4. Hey All, Okay so I have s dynamic block (green in my example) that is built in the x-y plane. I can change its length, width, extend it and rotate it about the base point. Yada yada yada. Bunch of feature that the company I work for needs. When we insert it into a 3D model we position it such that the Y axis becomes the Z axis and the the X axis can be anywhere within the the X-Y plane. I am trying to create a lisp that will move it relative to a second block (red in my example). Does any know a way to get the rotational information for the dynamic blocks. I can't use the "Rotation" from the misc section since it operate in the blocks x-y plane instead of the models x-y plane. I created an image below with Axis. To hopefully clarify. These aren't the actual blocks just example shapes. Hopefully someone can help. I have tried a few things without success.
  5. Hi everyone, I have experience making 3D models in Vectorworks but have never used 3D in AutoCAD. I am using 2014 version. I understand the principle of UCS and the idea behind it but am really struggling to use it. Currently I am trying to use two viewports, one in top view and one in front view. I am trying to use the two to ensure I am placing objects in the correct place in relation to everything else. However...how comes when I move something up or down in front view it moves completely out of position in top view? surely if i'm moving the object up or down it should not effect the position of anything in top view? Many Thanks
  6. dear friends, i have been in this drafting field for nearly 8 years, but i am not satisfied with this i think what ever designer or draftsman gives he is limited below an engineer level whether he is a checker or more than that. i want to know what is the highest position to reach in this drafting field. y i am asking is so that i can change my field or to continue my field.. pl. clarify
  7. Hi there, I´m developing a little interface for AUTCOCAD at the moment. I use Visual Studio 2010 and ObjectARX 2012 with C#. The interface should be able to edit specific blockReferences and their attributes. I´ve got two special kinds of blocks which I want to edit. Now I´ve implemented a command to move the position of one kind of the block references`attributes. For one of my two blocks this command works very well. For the other ones I cannot set a new position of the attribute references. And I don´t know why! I´ve compared several properties of the attributes but they are the same for both kind of blocks. The "lockposition" for example is "false" for both. Which property of the attribute references, block references or block should I set to change the position of the attribute references. Curiously to change the height or width of the text attributes makes no problems for both kind of blocks. So what could it be?? Or is there a simple way to set all properties of one block also to another one?? Thanks for help!!! greets robert
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