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Rhino issue: solid modeling


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I'm a noob in rhino and I found some problems by making a polysurface solid:

my problem is that I have two elements: a sphere and a twisted pyramid, joined by boolean union which I can't offset to add an internal thicken.

when I do it (with "solid" option activated) it just creates a polysurface inside it, without creating an emptiness in it. I can't even make a boolean difference, boolean 2 objects or neither a solid subtraction that work with polysurfaces which surfaces do not intersect each other.

Indeed, when I make a section to see how it is inside there's no hole but only the sectioned edges of the offset polysurf.

H E L P!!!!

Schermata 2014-07-06 alle 15.00.52.jpg

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Rhino has a surface focus. Thus, some of the concepts that pertain to "Solids" in other software applications are not present in Rhino. One such concept is internal hollows - or, put another way - surfaces/surface incorporation without direct connection.



The typical way to deal with this is to add a direct connection. See attached image. I was able to hollow out that figure by providing a minimal direct connection in an inconspicuous spot.


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thank you very much, I already solved the problem with the same tecnique but in a different way ^^

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