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File path for pen styles keeps changing

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Every time I open a new drawing, I have to re link the path for my pen styles (CTB) I have to go to OPTIONS, and re link the path manually every time under 'plot and publish log file information'. It re links to the wrong path by default and I have to change it. is there a way to fix this. it's aggravating to say the least.

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Could be a few things doing this. There could be a startup file setting the path for you, or it's possible that you do not have write access to your portion of the registry where this stuff is saved, so it's never getting saved.


Are you a single user on your own, or part of a larger group controlled by a CAD manager?

What operating system and what version of AutoCAD is this?


What changed at the same time this behavior started? New machine? New AutoCAD install? Anything else?

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Could it be as simple as the path not being saved in the dwt (template) file.


I guess that depends on the meaning of the original message.

True, each layout in a DWT/DWG has an associated plot style (or none), but since the OP said "I have to go to OPTIONS, and re link the path manually", I concluded he/she meant that the path in OPTIONS is what is not being saved.


Maybe the CTB file saved in the drawings OP is working on just needs to be copied into the path that is already set for the plot styles....?

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