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Please help flatten my drawing

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I am working in autocad for mac when I am not at work (dreadful program) and it's lackluster to say the least. Since there are no express tools, i can't FLATTEN the drawing. I have a bunch of objects on varying levels of the Z plane which is infuriating. it happened cause I got blocks from an outside source so it just cam in that way (side note: is there a way to disable 3d mode completely even if i import blocks)


I was wondering if someone would be able to take my drawing and flatten it for me in real autocad and sent back to me as a 2010 DWG so I can open the thing and have everything on the same plane.


Thank you!

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Might you be able to use the CHANGE command?

If so, start the command, select everything, then enter P (for Properties),

> E (for Elevation), > 0 and then hit ENTER 2 times.


That will fix the elevations of anything which is parallel to the UCS,

but will not flatten lines which are not parallel to the UCS.


They can be fixed by using Properties to select all lines,

and change their Start Z & End Z values en masse to 0.


I have not used cad on a Mac, those techniques would work on a PC, and may prove to be viable solutions, hope so.

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Create a macro for a button. Z=0


Flatten All


^C^C_UCS;;_move _all;;0,0,1e99;;_move _all;;0,0,-1e99;;


Flatten Selected


^C^C_UCS;;_select \_move _p;;0,0,1e99;;_move _p;;0,0,-1e99;;

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