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Rotated Viewport now My Text is No Longer "E" with the viewport


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Used to use servCAD that had a tool that rotated text to "E" no matter how the viewport was rotated. Say the viewport is rotated where W is straight up. The text would need to have a rotation of "N" for it to be horizontal across the page in model space. Now that I have Civil 3D 2015 I do not see any tool pac or command that I can use to be efficient in this. The problem is time. Time is money. If a viewport was originally with North straight up and text had a rotation of "E" and I changed the viewport to West straight up, is there a quick way to change the properties of all the text? Besides match properties. It takes too long to individually select each text and rotate all of them. Even if I select all the text and change the rotation in the properties I have to go back and move all the text so it lines up with leaders and whatnot. I feel like I may have rambled on a little too much but hope this all makes sense. I am the worlds worst describer of my thoughts. Any insight would be wonderful.


Thanks, Miller

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In the text style you can specify Match Text Orientation to layout, must be set to Annotative first. Maybe that will get you what you want.

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There are a number of ways to select all the text quickly. Select similar and QSelect to name a couple. Changing the rotation is easy after that, as you stated. It would be quite a trick to have it all lined up for you and fix the leaders after the rotation.

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