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Problem: Dynamic Block with Rotation Action


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Good evening. After some extensive reasearch I could not find a way to solve my problem, so I have come here hoping you guys can save me yet again. I've spent the past three days trying to create this block and at the moment I'm quite frustrated.


I'm trying to create a dynamic block with multiple actions. I need a flip, a stretch, a visibility and a rotation parameter and a basepoint. Everything works just fine until I add the rotation action.


I need certain entities to rotate but the text to remain at 0 degrees. I learned that you can do that by assigning point parameter to move the text and then include only the point parameter in the rotate action selection set.


The problem happens when I try to do that and also add a basepoint. With the basepoint the behaviour of the attributes (or text entities) becomes erratic. Sometimes they even spin in an opposite direction when compared to the other entities. I don't know why that is happening.


If I do not include a basepoint explicitly AutoCAD automatically creates a grip that works as a basepoint. In this case the rotation of the attributes and the other entities works just fine, but the new basepoint grip is left behind when I use the rotate action.


I have attached a file containing three slightly different blocks. The first one is without any tinkering; on the second one I made the rotation action "Independent" (sometimes that helps, but it didn't work here); on the third one I deleted the explicit basepoint and you will notice the behaviour I described above.


I thank you all in advance for your time and expertise.


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I don't quite understand where those attributes are supposed to end up. I can get the block to rotate the basepoint that is added....but Where do you need the attributes to go?


You can take a look at this, I'm not sure this is what you want. I took the attributes out of the rotation altogether, and then I unlocked them so you can move positions as you need. The flag and base point rotate.


Edit - Here is added flips and stretch



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Jarr, thank you very much for your contribution. But I'm afraid I haven't explained my situation very well.


First of all, that file I attached contains a block that exemplifies my problem, but it is not the actual block I'm interested in. I used that block because it's simpler than the actual one, which would add unnecessary complexity to the problem. I'm only interested in learning the concepts, so I used a surrogate block because I figured that once I understood what I was doing wrong I could fix my actual block.


The text behaviour I want is exactly the one displayed by the block FlagBlock3. A reference point attached to the text must rotate along with the remaining entities, so in the end the position of the text with relation to the remaining entities would not change. That's not exactly what happens in FlagBlock3 because I defined the reference point carelessly, so the text moves a bit. But that doesn't matter, it's just to get the idea across.


In short: as I rotate the block I wish the text to follow along but remain at 0 degrees (horizontal). I also want all the grips to rotate with the block, none being left behind. Moving the text manually definitely doesn't help me.


I hope this is not too complicated. Please let me know if I still haven't explained myself clearly. I once again thank you for your assistance.

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I would try adjusting the justification of the text. It uses the tag name in the block and the length of the text in the tag name varies whilst the attribute value when the block is inserted is a single digit for all 4 of them so it does make it behave kind of wierd. I set the text justification to bottom left and moved the attributes about a bit, but you will probably need to do some fine tuning

EDIT just a thought for you to try If you still want the text center aligned try using TAG names of the same length


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