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Multileader problem- adding new leader to vertex

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Whenever I try to add another leader to my vertex, it usually jumps to the end of the line. Any way to make ALL leader arrows come out of the same vertex?


Do I need to adjust my mleaderstyle settings?2014-08-27 11_51_36-AutoCAD Architecture 2014 - English - [R_M Presidential Suite Alrov.dwg].jpg

Autocad multileader problem 1.jpg


PS- I recorded a GIF with LICEcap but the File Upload Manager on Cadtutor uploads it as a JPG for some reason.

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Wow. Old thread, but it looks like you never got an answer- personally, I hate when no one bothers to answer a question I post. I ran into the same problem and I think I may have a solution for you:


1) Select leader you wish to move and right-click;



2) Select 'add vertex' from the drop-down menu;


3) You can now grab the new vertex and slide it to wherever you want the leader to originate.

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