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  1. ILoveMadoka

    Gap Between Leader and Text Setting?

    Is there a setting to adjust or increase this gap? Solidworks 2018 Font = swromans
  2. (defun c:bcr (/ Make_MText i ss ent) (defun *error* ( msg ) (foreach lay lck (vla-put-lock lay :vlax-true)) (if (= 'int (type cmd)) (setvar 'cmdecho cmd)) (LM:endundo (LM:acdoc)) (if (not (wcmatch (strcase msg t) "*break,*cancel*,*exit*")) (princ (strcat "\nError: " msg)) ) (princ) ) (defun Make_MText (pt str) (entmakex (list (cons 0 "MTEXT") (cons 100 "AcDbEntity") (cons 100 "AcDbMText") (cons 10 pt) (cons 1 str)))) (if (setq i -1 ss (LM:ssget "\nSelect block <exit>: " '(((0
  3. ILoveMadoka

    Gap Between Leader and Text Setting?

    Do any of the settings control the spacing between the end of the leader and the start of the text? Solidworks 2018
  4. Dear all, I'm looking for a simple lisp (probably vlisp) routine that can select all leaders of the same type (e.g dot). In other words, i only want to select the dot leaders of all my leaders in the drawing file. Should look something like this: (ssget "x" ("leader")) and ('leadertype 3) Thanks
  5. I have a legacy drawing where someone has changed some of the leader arrows to dots but they are using the wrong symbol and wrong size. I can select the leader in question and change the properties of these two items in the Properties dialog. Can this be accomplished via lisp? (Command "xxxx" "Dot") ; Or (Setvar "xxxx" "Dot") (Command "dimasz" .09375) Properties says it is a Leader I really would prefer to not make a whole new Style for these items but there are so many that need to be changed scattered across
  6. Hello, Does anyone know how can i set to default Not to have Multi leader text sitting on the line ? i want to be able to set it in the Multi leader setting window, i want to keep it the same each time. see issue on pic. thank you. Note Autocad 2017
  7. Had to rotate a floorplan 180 along with all multileaders and text. I can easily select multileaders and change angle to 0 in Properties but text ends up on top of leader or in wrong position relative to leader. It would be great to have a command able to select a group of multileaders and step through them rotating them a desired angle about the end of the leader. Any takers? Thanks!
  8. I've only been learning LISPing for a few weeks so C&C's are most welcome. LINK TO VIDEO: One of my most used LISPs is the LeaderToMleader.LSP. Found here. It was last updated many moons ago, so I decided to try learn and modify it to suit. Many thanks to the original author Lyle Hardin. I just need some guidance on how to get UCS working with it. EDIT. Using the TRANS fn. It works okay. Took a bit of tweaking but I got it. Please test. Here's a list of things I've changed at the top of the code: Main ones are: Multiple Selection - User can now se
  9. Hello All! I would like to add another command to the pop up sub-menu (see attached image) that come up when you place your courser over a leader. I would like ADD the option to remove a leader right in this sub-menu. Is this possible? Here is the command that I think I need to add to this menu. ^C^C_MLEADEREDIT _R If this possible how do I get it done? Thanks in advanced.
  10. Hi all, It`s been a while. Does anyone have a lisp to show on a leader the visibility state of a dynamic block? Cheers
  11. Hello, My manager made this LSP file for me and it doesn't work and we are both not sure why. Seems correct to me. How it works: Creates the E-Anno-Note layer, otherwise makes it current, then creates an MLeader (to avoid creating leaders on incorrect layers). (DEFUN C:NN () (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (if (not (tblsearch "layer" "E-Anno-Note")) (command "-layer" "n" "E-Anno-Note" "c" "2" "E-Anno-Note" "")) (command "-layer" "m" "E-Anno-Note") (COMMAND "mleader") (princ) ) Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, I have a quite a specific question relating to auto-filling fields that are inserted into text. To give you some context I work in the lighting design industry and draw 2D lighting layout plans. I am currently trying to build a collection of dynamic blocks which contain attributes relating to their reference letter, circuit number, location, etc etc. This bit I have done quite easily. I plan to use these attributes to export to excel later, again something I already have working. The way our company labels the light fittings on plan is to use a leader. However if I hav
  13. I've noticed in Autocad 2016 using the curve arrow command makes more of a jagged pointed curve in the arrow than previous years. I was wondering if there was a way to change it back. To the perfect curve that it used to make before this years version. I included a picture of the arrows, the top one is 2016 and the bottom one is 2014 Autocad. I haven't found anything and I am assuming there isn't a way to change it. It's not that big of a deal just an eye sore to what I'm used to seeing. Thanks for the help
  14. I have tried to figure out how to tag an object and can't seem to figure it out. I know there is the leader but that's different then tagging right? I need the tag to extend from the object and the info be in a rectangle around the text. Also am I correct that you can set up the tagging in a way where all the tags get placed on a schedule? I need to know how to do this by Friday! See example image of what I need to do below
  15. I am looking for a routine to automate what we already do. We have a routine that currently when we run the command it ask for "Select location on pipe" which then user selects a point where they want the leader to start. After selecting the initial point the user then selects the "landing" point- the point where the number on a specific layer will appear. It then asks the user to enter the number for point they are referencing. Once the user hits "1" then "enter". It automatically puts in that number on the layer specified in the code with a prefix(#) and a suffix (-). This gets the
  16. Hi Hope some of you can help solving a problem. When using QLEADER (le enter) in a drawing with custom UCS, the text are displaced away from the leader line. As you can see on attached screen dumps, it looks just fine, when in World UCS. When in a custom UCS, the text are displaced, and when I try to move the text, the leader follows (of course as normally intended). How can I make the text get to place itself normaly, when drawing in a custom UCS (2D) Please help :-)
  17. calafragilistic

    "Arc"-like Leader

    When I used to use R14, I had a customized leader command where the first click was the endpoint of a leader (as usual), the second click was like the midpoint of an arc, and the third click was the other endpoint of an arc. You could continuously keep clicking and producing more arcs connected to the leader block, but typically I would just end the leader there, and it would not end with a text attached to it. Since I upgraded to AutoCAD 2010, the LISP function that I used for that did not transfer over, but I would like to have that again, as the spline leaders that are standard in 2010 look
  18. Hello. I'm attempting to create a custom mleader style for keynotes, using a user defined block. This works great when I start the leader on the left and pull to the right. However, when I do the opposite, the block does not flip and the leader landing is attached to the wrong side of the block. (See attached) Is there a way to get the block to flip? I have no experience with LISPing, so if that 's the only way to resolve the issue, I will find another way. Thanks in advance. mleaderblock.dwg
  19. Long time Autocad User with minimal knowledge of software, repedetive work with preset tools. Question, i created a leaders style and when opening a new drawing, it is not there, i assumed that if i created a new style it would be available in all drawings. What am i doing wrong and how can i modify a leader style to be used in all drawings, new and old. Thank you for your response and help.
  20. Whenever I try to add another leader to my vertex, it usually jumps to the end of the line. Any way to make ALL leader arrows come out of the same vertex? Do I need to adjust my mleaderstyle settings? PS- I recorded a GIF with LICEcap but the File Upload Manager on Cadtutor uploads it as a JPG for some reason.
  21. I have found the following at the swamp, however I would like to modify it to better suite my needs. All credits to Lyle Hardin for writing the awesome code. ;;; CADALYST 08/08 www.cadalyst.com/code ;;; Tip 2305: LeaderToMleader.lsp Leader to Multileader (c) 2008 Lyle Hardin ;;; Pick an old style leader and text to create a new mleader entity and erase the old leader and text. ;;; March/2008 (defun c:leadertomleader () (setq leader (entsel "\nPick Leader") ; pick leader leader2 (entget (car leader)) pt1 (dxf 10 leader2) ; get first point of leader layer (dxf 8 leader2) ; get lay
  22. I am setting up some architectural Multileader Styles to pull into various drawings as needed from the Designcenter. I have created 7 different scales of Multileaders and set their Text "Left and Right Attachments" to "Middle of top line". When I pull the styles into a drawing, the "Left Attachment" is true and is at the middle of the top line. However when I make a right attachment the multileader randomly decides to "Underline top line". I have thought of everything I can to try and fix it in the original file referenced from the designcenter...both attachments say "Middle of top line
  23. I have created a new multileader with the settings that the multileader type is "block" so that the end of the leader will have a detail bubble on the end, my problem I am running into is the text size inside that bubble is too small, how do i adjust the text size with keeping the bubble the original size? I have the bubble the size I want it at by adjusting the scale to 10", anybody have an idea what to do?
  24. Hello, This is outside my normal LISPing and I am in need so some advice. My goal is to create (or modify) a multileader leader and landing line so they can be used to add perpendicular leaders to opposing sides of drawing features, as seen in the attached image. The reason for this is to improve the clarity of labeling (by having an additional leader style. I am not sure if this can be completed via LISP or a .net approach must be taken. Can anyone provide any advice? Thanks David
  25. Hello, I am trying to add a bend to my leader lines using Civil 2013. I have attached two images the first one is of my standard leader (dimension is inline with the leader line), the second one is a leader I "faked" to illustrate my desired leader style, a perpendicular leader then a bend to some text. Does anyone know how a leader like this can be made. In this example I am using a dimension, but I would be happy with a solution that used multileader. Thanks If any clarification is required please ask
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