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Intersting Viewport/layer phnomena


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I have a layer that seems to displaying incorrectly. I am trying to freeze "NoPlot" through a viewport. It is also freezing out on paperspace.


Am I wrong in thinking it should only freeze "inside" the viewport?



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Yes, VPFREEZE in Modelspace viewports is independent of VPFREEZE for the Paperspace Layout. In your drawing, the layer is frozen in both the VP and PS. With Paperspace active, clear the VPFREEZE override for the layer.

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Tab 03, I am in paperspace, "NoPlot" is not frozen in model, it is frozen in "through the viewport".


It should look like tab 2 showing a color 222 viewport, but with two circles in the lower right, around the working area?

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Perhaps I mis-understand, but I seem to be getting exactly the opposite result.


When Paperspace is active, VPFREEZE does not VPfreeze the layer, nor does it VPfreeze the viewport(s), rather it freezes the whole layer.


When a viewport is active, VPFREEZE does what's expected and only VPFREEZEs the layer within the active Viewport.


Either way it still seems like a bug/quirk because it seems like VPFREEZE command in PS should do the same thing as toggling the VP Freeze button using the Layer Manager.

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