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I am using AutoCAD 2014 'Architecture workspace' and I use the Properties palette a lot to change the attributes of linework to display linetypes/global thickness/scale etc. However, when I click on the model item (eg. polyline) the Properties palette doesn't change to inform me what the properties are of that item. Instead, it stays the same as the default properties type.

Also, things like Global Width/Length/Area etc do not show in the Properties box - is there a way of loading or changing this as I believe I might have the wrong Palette loaded etc ?? Is there a way to load a new palette?


Please help?




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Could you be referring to Quick Properties by any chance? As far as I know there is only one Properties palette.


Could you verify for us which version of AutoCAD you are using as I don't see an architecture workspace in my version of AutoCAD 2014. Or is this a custom workspace you have created?

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Hi ReMark


Thanks for your reply - it says that I am using AutoCAD Architecture 2014 - English (Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2014)

On the tool bar on the bottom right, the Workspace Switching 'cog' tells me I am using Architecture. In my previous practice we had 'Architecture and Drafting' or 'Traditional' (i.e. no ribbons) but not sure if this is anything to do with the Properties Docked Palette showing limited information?

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You might want to correct your profile then.


Since I am not familiar with AutoCAD Architecture I can't really say if what you are seeing on your Properties palette is the norm or not. Sorry. I can't imagine that the fact you are using the Ribbon would have any affect on what is or isn't displayed on the Properties palette.


Can you post a screenshot of the palette?

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Registry Cleaners, as well as uninstalling AutoCAD360 is known to cause the Properties Palette to stop working. If either of those two apply, the only solution is to re-install AutoCAD


Autodesk Knowledge Base --> Properties Palette is blank and does not work


@Remark, the Properties Palette in ACA and other AutoCAD verticals works basically the same as it does in "vanilla" It does have tabs similar to a Tool Palette for the additional properties of vertical "intelligent" objects, but otherwise pretty much the same.

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See screenshot - I have drawn and highlighted a Polyline and the options in the palette (to the right) dont give me the normal options to affect Global Width or give me info about the element (length etc). Very odd.

AutoCAD2014 Architecture Screenshot.jpg

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