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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I am using AutoCAD 2014 'Architecture workspace' and I use the Properties palette a lot to change the attributes of linework to display linetypes/global thickness/scale etc. However, when I click on the model item (eg. polyline) the Properties palette doesn't change to inform me what the properties are of that item. Instead, it stays the same as the default properties type. Also, things like Global Width/Length/Area etc do not show in the Properties box - is there a way of loading or changing this as I believe I might have the wrong Palette loaded etc ?? Is there a way to load a new palette? Please help? Cheers Paul
  2. I newly installed AutoCAD 2014 on my Win 7 operating system, problem is that when I want to use the quick select tool, it would be empty, with no items in it , even if I made selection to some items... I formatted my computer & reinstalled AutoCAD but unfortunately I still have the same problem!
  3. Hello, when clicking on any object in AutoCAD 2014, I see always the same values in the Properties Window. No matter what I create or what I click on, I only see the same exact numbers which do not change at all. Have you ever had the same problem? Did you find a solution? Thank you very much for your help.
  4. This has been happening for a long time now, but today it's almost nonstop and driving me crazy. I have the Properties window docked on the left side of my screen. When I want to change the style of a piece of text, for instance, I'll select the text, hover over the Properties window, wait for it to open, and make the change there. Once my cursor leaves that window, it's supposed to close within a couple of seconds. My "quirk" is that it doesn't. Yes, I can get it to close it by clicking on the outer edge of the window. Half the time that causes it to dock itself against the left border, so I have to click it again to minimize it and put it back where it started. It's probably a .NET quirk rather than an AutoCAD quirk, not that it matters.
  5. Is there a way to have the AutoCAD "Quick Properties" pop up functionality be transferred over after the dwg is converted into pdf or dwf? I want to avoid clutter in the dwg file but would like to have an ability for my field crew to either hover over or click the blocks or AutoCAD objects in the pdf file to know the block attributes or properties of objects. The desire is to have a functionality very similar to creating yellow sticky notes in Adobe Acrobat Professional where the sticky baloons or call outs can collapse or even disappear if you do not want to see them. Does anyone has any suggestions or ideas to accomlish this?
  6. I know that when a listed property is greyed out it means it can not be altered from the properties window. I am struggling to even read the grey text as it is so feint. Is the darkness, and/or size of this text adjustable? It may be my eyes with the effects of age perhaps, but I remember when I could click on a line, and see its length and angle clearly enough to not need to bring my head really close to the screen. I used to find this a good way to get instant confirmation (using the list or distance command seems to distract my focus somewhat). Does anyone have any ideas? Do the later versions behave similarly?
  7. Hello im running AutoCAD 2010 as part of a Inventor Package and everything was working fine until i installed the Inventor 2011 ......(it was to try to sort something else out as the new features were introduced in 2011, but because of work policy were stuck using 2010......isn't work grand) Ive uninstalled 2011 without anything going wrong with Inventor 2010 but its AutoCAD 2010 im having trouble with If i create anything (could be a line or dimension) and then open the properties window or quick properties what used to be there isn't..... - in the quick properties it says it cant define anything - in the main properties window, instead of being able to alter the scale of the line / text & adjust lengths etc, the fields have been replaced, at the bottom of the fields are UCS co-ordinates initially i thought it was because installing 2011 has corrupted the files or done something weird and wonderful to them so ive tried: -Repairing -Reinstalling - Without Uninstalling the original AutoCAD 2010 -Reinstalling - With Unistalling the original AutoCAD 2010 Im running a XP 64bit machine with the latest service pack Ill get a screenshot to add tomorrow to make it clear what im on about.
  8. I can't see my properties and design center windows. The command line says the name when I click on the icon to open them but I can't see them anywhere on my desktop. If I clink again the command line says propertiesclose or adclose. When I saved and closed my last session they were open as I always have them. I work with two screens with my drawing window open in one and the other windows open in the other. I've tried using only one display but they still didn't show up. I use AutoCad 2002. I use those windows everyday. I'm at a loss without them. Any help is much appreciated.
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