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Multileader with non-rectangular text border?


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I'm wondering if there is a way that you can have a non-rectangular border (circle, ellipse, hex, etc) around text in a multileader. I only see an option for a default rectangular border under multileader options.



I tried making a multileader with a hex drawn around the text, anchored at the landing by a corner, and then centered the text on the hex by manipulating the landing gap. I then tried WBLOCKing the whole thing into an enhanced attribute. It did not work- the multileader lost all editing / moving ability until I exploded it again.



Part two if this question: how would one do this if the multileader were to be annotative? Seems to me that even if my WBLOCK idea had worked, the hex or whatever wouldn't have scaled right with the multileader text anyway if the anno scale changed too much...

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There is an option to connect any block to a new multileader style, in the multilieader create dialog. Make a block of whatever shape you want, with a text attribute, BEFORE making the multileader, then go start a new multileader style, select annotative if you want, and select the option to connect a block to it. You than can pick your new block as the one that will be connected to that particular multileader style. The multileader cannot be in the block itself since, as you saw, the way you have it when the block is saved, is the way it stays.

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Thanks- that is exactly what I did wrong.



This shouldn't affect the appearance in paperspace, though, right? If my anno scale changes from 1:48 (4.5" high text) to 1:65 (6" high text), the text might look too big for the block in paperspace, but so long as the anno text is set to, say, 3/32" paperspace height it should plot out fine, correct?


I just want to make sure the text will be bounded by the block at any anno scale using this method.

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