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Found 8 results

  1. I have a table in AutoCAD Architecture 2013. If I click in a cell, acad highlights the cell with extremely thick borders, as shown in the image below. I guess this was because of the table line weight settings, so I tried to change the table style, cell style, set different grid line weight for all grid lines, etc. Nothing works. Here is the dwg file. CellHighlight.dwg Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Hi, I am super stressed! I can´t figure out why nothing is happening when I am trying to connect borders with text while making a regulation plan for a land-use area! I Am a surveying student. I posted my question in another forum (autodesk) but the replys stopped comming in and there is no answer yet. In this forum I uploaded pictures and a attempt of better explaining my problem. Please look at the link and reply if you think you can help, I am desperate, I don´t know if I am doing something wrong or if its a software problem or what LINK: https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/autocad-forum/autocad-problem-connecting-border-with-text/m-p/7076026/highlight/false#M878986
  3. I'm wondering if there is a way that you can have a non-rectangular border (circle, ellipse, hex, etc) around text in a multileader. I only see an option for a default rectangular border under multileader options. I tried making a multileader with a hex drawn around the text, anchored at the landing by a corner, and then centered the text on the hex by manipulating the landing gap. I then tried WBLOCKing the whole thing into an enhanced attribute. It did not work- the multileader lost all editing / moving ability until I exploded it again. Part two if this question: how would one do this if the multileader were to be annotative? Seems to me that even if my WBLOCK idea had worked, the hex or whatever wouldn't have scaled right with the multileader text anyway if the anno scale changed too much...
  4. Hello everyone, this may be a dumb question but I've been struggling with it for a while now... So I am entering various drawings in (elevation, floor plan, site plan and several details. Since all of them require different scales, I am creating a viewport for each one. They all must go into a border/template which I also have in a viewport. HOWEVER, everytime I try to select the viewport which contain my drawings which I've made inside the border/template viewport, it wont select and rather highlights the border/template viewport-- only allowing me to edit/zoom into the border/template viewport. HELP! Should I not put the border/template into a viewport, and if not, how should I go about that (it is already scaled to fit my ArchD size paper.
  5. Hi there I am trying to create custom borders with x and y co-ordinates, but am having trouble lining it up with the ACADE co-ordinate system. Any ideas out there? I can use an existing template and change fonts etc but what if I wanted to squeeze up the axis or use different reference characters ie. Alpha-numeric instead of numeric-numeric? It may be an easy one for the more experienced out there!!!
  6. I would like to insert JPG image without a border. AutoCAD > Insert > Raster Image Reference > ... find the file Good, I got the file. But it has a border!? I cannot seems to remove it regardless. I tried selecting the colour white, but the border is still there. It will be good if that North Orientation did not have the line. Suggestion?
  7. Hi there, I decided to try the advice I read and start using Data Link Tables for my Excel sheet instead of OLELinks. The appearance is far sharper, and I am also pleased there is no background color transfered. What IS the problem is when I update the table, its goes from 12" Wide by 12" Tall table @ 7/16" Text W/O borders back to 3" Wide by 10" Tall with varying text size to fit and gains back all borders except diagonals (of which none are present on the Excel file). So I need to figure out a way to default the format when I refresh so that it holds each cell at the 6"X1" dimensions with no border. With that, If there is a way to have a stencil for making the range links with Excel, that would be useful. I use the exact same 4 or 6 ranges (2 formats) in every dwg. Thanks Everyone!
  8. Hi guys, I am trying to create a set of drawings to a standard and need to be able to create a border for them. I am an AutoCAD noob and have tried creating a border in a layer, but it needs to be 5cm from the edge of the page. I cannot for the life of me see how to specify that. I know this is probably a ridiculously easy task... when you know what to do. Can someone shed some light? Cheers in advance!
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