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Need help with Quick Calculator

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Hi :)

Is there a way to have in the Quick Calculator the Z axis or X and Y, as shown in the picture bellow. When I need to move something I have to measure, note the dimension on paper, and then use Move :wacko: , it's not professional :nono:






Thank you :thumbsup:

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Based on what I think your trying to do I would be using point filters instead of the quick calculator. Whenever a command asks for a point you can shift-right click to get to the snap menu and select an option under the point filters menu. You can also use the command line if you prefer using your keyboard. The options are self explanatory eg .x only uses the x value of the point and ignores the y and z values or where .xz only uses the x and z values and ignores the y values.


So in your case when the move command requests the first point type in .z or use the shift-right click menu then select the first point then do the same for the second point. This will only use the z values of the selected points.

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