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Help! Can't convert drawing from mm to inches!!


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I am trying to convert a drawing from mm to inches which should be totally simple. Everytime I scale it in the drawing it becomes completely unreadable and looks insane. When I block the entire drawing and try to insert it into a new drawing set in inches it is huge and I cant pan or see anything except the corner of the lowest wall and the program starts acting glitchy. I'm not sure if the way the original drawing was set up could have something to do with this? I'm working in autocad 15 for mac. Any help would be really appreciated!

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)

I have never used Autocad on a Mac, but on a PC, I would use

the -dwgunits command, and read the commandline prompts very carefully,

don't rush through the commandline options.

You may not have that command in Autocad for Mac, but if you do,

give it a try.

I would suggest working on a copy of your drawing, while you try to sort this out,

so as not to make matters worse.

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Attach a copy of the drawing file (DWG) to your next post. Someone here will fix the problem for you.


BTW...the default drawing template used by AutoCAD is normally acad.dwt which is set up to use decimal inches. Those wishing to draw in metric units should use one of the metric drawing templates such as acadiso.dwt.

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