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Is there any Command for isolating selected layers PERMANENTLY in VP ONLY?


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Hi Guys


I have a dwg. with lot of Layers. I want to view only a couple of layers in the viewport.


The method I use is - LAYFRZ/VPLAYER all the OTHER layers.


So just wondering if there is a command through which I select couple of required layers and freeze all other layers, except those selected layers, at one go in viewport.


or - there is an quicker alternate method/ procedure for doing it.


NOTE: I cant use LAYISO coz it freezes all the other layers in MODEL space as well.


Thanks :)

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If I had to do that, I would:


1.) Freeze the layers that need to be visible. (I know, bear with me.)


2.) Click on the VP Freeze layer in the layer manager, grouping the layers that are frozen together for easy selection. Select the layers that are VP frozen using shift select and thaw those layers. It is very important to make sure you keep these layers selected.


3.) In the right click menu select "Invert Selection".


4.) VP freeze the selected layers.

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If there are multiple times when you need the same layers on or off look into LAYER STATES MANAGER.


Much easier way of controlling layers particularly if you use the same layers across multiple drawings or you need to set up viewports with the same layer states multiple times.

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Ok, I'm gonna give a shot answering this. This method worked for me, it's a little less convoluted than above, imo. Basically, the LayerIsolate command has within it the ability to VPfreeze all layers that haven't been selected.



Double-Click into the Viewport you're working with.


Enter again to access Settings

O for off, enter

Then it'll ask you , so type V and enter.

Then select the layers you DO want to see in the viewport and click Enter.


I believe that all the non-selected layers will be viewport-frozen.

BTW I've rearranged my Layer Manager to have the VPfreeze column right next to the normal Layer freeze column, makes it very easy to see what's going on without having to scroll.

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