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Update Paperspace View from Moved Model Space Object


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Hello Everyone!!!


I am having a hard time searching for this request, as I am unsure how to even begin. Hopefully you guys can assist me.


What I would like to do is: There are times when I draw in modelspace, I get a little sloppy as far as organizing plans, elevations, and details. Some of it is due to poor planning while other times the drawing details will expand more than I had anticipated. Usually this happens after I have already set up my views in paperspace. What I am trying to see if it is possible to move modelspace objects and be able to quickly update the paperspace view because reorganizing can be tedious.


Any pointers or info (other than be more organized) would be wonderful!

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Just to be clear, you're talking about keeping the modelspace objects centered in the viewports, not keeping Paperspace annotations attached to modelspace objects that have been moved... correct?

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As long as you move your model space stuff by a known value, you can move your viewpoint by the same value - factored by view port scale.


E.g. 1000mm In model space, means moving or stretching a 1:10 viewpoint 100mm.


It's a good tip to write down crucial dimensions as you make edits in model space, this helps me to remember then when I come to tweak my layouts later.

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I agree, and that is something I try to do, but unfortunately more often than not, I forget and then when I switch to a layout, I have to spend some time trying to correct the viewports...or the other method is to not organize anything and have a mess in modelspace. I realize that I need to practice better habits when drafting, I was just hoping to save some time in the long run.

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Being able to associate a Viewport with an object in modelspace would probably be a useful feature, but I don't believe any such thing exists currently. Related topic with suggestions here

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Yes. That is what I do currently. I am not sure this helps but I am hoping for something like a LISP that Lee Mac wrote (Modelspace to Paperspace): http://www.lee-mac.com/ms2ps.html


This program allows the user to copy a selection of objects from Modelspace to the current Paperspace layout through an active viewport. - Lee Mac's website


My hope is that there is someway to kind of reverse that process. The user would be able to select the item (detail, elevation, etc.) in modelspace, and then be prompted to select a paperspace viewport and place a auto-generated Viewport layout.


I wish I could explain it better but I am unsure how to. Would it be easier to do a step by step via screenshots?

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A couple of ways

Use Z C Pt scale to find the point to be centered in model pick an object if properties is on you can copy and paste the x,y there are other ways also you will need the viewport to be unlocked. The scale factor would be easy to work out as you know the scale. A lisp will do this.


We just grab the Grip on the mview and drag as far as required then move to centre in layout, then grip other side back again to reduce the view size this avoids worrying about unlocking viewports.


(command "_.mspace")
(setq dummy (getpoint "\nPick pt in new window")) 
(setq sc (getstring "\nScale for this window 1:  "))
(setq sc3 (strcat "1/" sc "xp"))
(command "_.zoom" "all")
(setq zc (getpoint "\nPoint to centre of view in Viewport:"))
(command "_.zoom" "_center" zc sc3)

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