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Section Arrows


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I'm running Inventor 2015.

I am wondering if there is a way to make custom section arrows instead of what is defaulted on the system?

I have clients that have their own standards for drawings and have a custom section arrow and titles.


Is there a way to make a custom one without just making a sketch or plain symbol not related to the section? I'm trying to keep the drawing intelligent...

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I know you can change the terminator type, size and height quite easily.

In your .idw: goto Manage>Styles Editor>View Annotation.



I imagine you will find something close to your customers' in there.

Custom Arrow.jpg

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Thank you kifmarn, I'm trying to create sections like attached in the pic. Currently I use sketched symbols with prompted entries but there is no way to link it to the section.




It would be nice to add custom terminators.

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