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mvsetup - align/rotate not working


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I’m experiencing a particularly perplexing bug/issue. I am attempting to perform the mvsetup command (as I have done many times before without issue). I go through the following steps via the command line:


Firstly – making sure I am in paper space in the view port I want to carry out the mvsetup command.

1. ‘mvsetup’

2. ‘A’

3. ‘R’

4. ‘select my point of rotation’

5. ‘enter my numeric value for angle of rotation’


Normally when I perform the above steps the viewport rotates the view to the angle I have entered. On this occasion (and I cannot duplicate this in any other drawing), the screen flickers and you briefly see the view rotating, but then it flickers back to its original state. In the command line the following appears:


Command: _.UNDO Current settings: Auto = off, Control = All, Combine = Yes, Layer = Yes

Enter the number of operations to undo or [Auto/Control/Begin/End/Mark/Back] : _EN



I have copied the drawing objects into a new drawing, created a new layout and viewport and the mvsetup command works fine. However this is not a practical solution because to do this properly would result in too much time being spent reformatting all the sheets associated with the drawing.


Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance





Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

AutoCAD 2015 64-bit

8GB Ram

Intel CORE i7

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Did you know that in 2015 you can rotate the viewport?


As far as the source of the problem. I think I would need the file to figure that out. Someone may come along that has come across this before, though. Strip down the file to some basic stuff, make sure it is still failing, and post it.



Is the viewport is locked?

Is your view perpendicular to the UCS? (I don't know if that has any affect. Just throwing it out there.)

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