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Command Line Not Staying Docked - *FIX*


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I'm posting this for any future people encountering the same issue.

Hopefully it will save them some frustration!


I'm old and I like the Command Line under the tabs. Personal Pref...

I tried letting it float and adjusting transparency settings for several months

and I'm just an old dog.


I just read every thread I could find about how to get the Command line to stay put.


I tried every variation if LOCKUI with no luck.

Saving Workspaces (and new Workspaces) didn't work for me.

CUI didn't work either.

(Restarting ACAD always reset the location)


Easiest Fix - WSSETTINGS -> Check Automatically Save Workspace Settings


ALT Method/Same Command -

Workspaces Pulldown (Upper Left of center)

Where Drafting and Notation, 3D Modeling, 3D Basics are located

Pick Workspace Settings

Check Automatically Save Workspace Settings


I did find this mentioned in one thread but it was a bit obscure.

Don't mean to offend anyone, :cry:

just trying to do something to help others the way many on here help me! :)

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I'm glad you posted this!!


My company setup multiple workspaces for the different departments, and I was unable to get my stuff to stay put.


This solved my issue!

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Thank you!

I was looking all over to make the command line docked.

It used to stay put, don't know why all of a sudden my civil3d 2020 decided not to put command line docked.

but yes other threads were not very clear of what to do.


Although, other autocad that I have installed have the WSSETTINGS as do not save automatically, don't know why my Civil3d is acting differently...

but anyway it worked! 

Thank you!!

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In the CUI you can Customize Workspaces, expand Palettes and select Command Line then modify the properties below.

Workspace Settings do get messed up sometimes like when a palette disappears. Having them automatically saved prevent you from being able to fix the issue by simply switching workspaces back and forth.

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@tombu Thanks!

I thought WSSETTINGS was working, but it did not work after all...

Thanks for the solution!!

CUI - Workspace - Palette - Command Line - Modify properties looks like the right way to fix the issue!! 

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