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Linking points with a 3dpoly line automatically

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I’d like to know if you have one LSP that links points with some 3D POLY LINE between then.

Something like an outline, just like this:




It is link points given by coordinates. I upload from a device the coordinates and import points to AutoCAD, but I have to link them like the picture. It doesn't have an order, but the 3d lines are only the outside. It will be good if I can select them to link or even link by layer, because I work with tunnels and each point represents the edge of it.

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From a surveying sense and it will work in 3d you need to think of it as strings lets take a sq repeated horizontally the survey pts would look like this as descriptions








so 1-5-9 join 2-6-10 join its in the point descriptors "String description" all 1F join in sequence


String example.jpg See lines joined based on their code description a string numberis not displayed 01403 & 02403 to distinguish between kerb 1 and 2.



If you did all you points this way and brought it into CIV3d you would get a 3d tunnel. The way to go here to do some form of crossection linking back to the previous one using a pt&desc match as you go a new string would stop or start the joins.


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finding the outline is the most complicated part, but I found it.


Try the attached PtOutline utility with the 3D option.

In the Attachments I zipped two LSP VLX that does it very well.

I hope it will help you as it helped me.


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i never run VLX from unkown source.

if just outline perhaps something like convex hull ?

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