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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I am using this routine to change 3dpoli to spline. Is there way to amend it with few more elements: 1)Spline is drawn on the same layer as source 3d poly has 2) Spline is something what I do not need. I need this spline to be turn into another 3dpoly with precision<10> 3) Source 3dpoly is being deleted I know it can be done manually and I am doing like this, but this take long long time Thanks
  2. I’d like to know if you have one LSP that links points with some 3D POLY LINE between then. Something like an outline, just like this: It is link points given by coordinates. I upload from a device the coordinates and import points to AutoCAD, but I have to link them like the picture. It doesn't have an order, but the 3d lines are only the outside. It will be good if I can select them to link or even link by layer, because I work with tunnels and each point represents the edge of it.
  3. Hello, I am working on a tunnel alignment. I have to draw multiple closed 3d polylines from AutoCAD Points (which form the tunnel sections from the excavation). I use the 3POLY command and then the option "PN. Is it possible to write a script (or a lisp routine) that repeats this process? For example, I wrote this script 3POLY 'PN 1-10,1 (1 row blank) 3POLY 'PN 11-20,11 It draws the first closed 3dpoly (from point numbers 1 to 10 and closes to 1) but it not continues to second 3poly. Thank you in advance
  4. Hi all, I'm new in the forum, but it looks like there are some experts around that can share some knowledge. My problem is the following: I have created a macro in excel that selects a series of points and assigns them some coordinates Easting Northing and RL (X,Y,Z). Then a second macro reorganises all the data and groups it as I need. At the end it creates a script. I'm trying to create some spheres and some 3Dpolylines from the center of the spheres. I think I know how to do that. Since I have X,Y,Z for each point I just got the script to write the following: _Sphere 646063,531851,111 30 text 646093,531881,111 25 0 BH21>> For the polylines I do the same thing with 3Dpoly command. I set my layer, I get the command Sphere, XYZ and diameter. then I add some text. From what I have seen that's the right way to do it. The problem comes when I run the script. It creates the layers fine, it runs the command Sphere but then it crashes because it cannot understand that the numbers separated by "," are actually X,Y,Z. It keeps on asking me to specify the center point for my sphere. I have the feeling that it may have something to do with my AutoCad settings but I'm not exactly sure what. I have searched the web and multiple forums for days with no success. I finally decided to come here and ask people with more experience than me, see if I can get someone to point me in the right direction. Thanks to all in advance!
  5. I'm working with C3D 2011. I have a large number of EP shots along a roadway. I drew a lwpolyline connecting each point with a node snap (the entire line is at the elevation of the first point). I need each polyline vertex at the EP elevation. Is there a way to convert my existing lwpolyline to a 3dpolyline AND have each vertex of the 3dpolyline inherit the elevation of the EP point/node that it was snapped to without redrawing the whole line using the 3dpoly command? Thanks all
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