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A line from point A at a known length to a known plain but unknown angle - HELP :)

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Hi, I want to draw a line on an angle from a known start point at a known length to a known finished plane (but not a known finish point or angle).

Hopefully the attached pdf explains it better than I have here.



I have turned on OSNAP to get the start point of my line then turned it off again to enable me to select the end point of my line without it snapping to the end or midpoint while it shows the length of my line on screen but this isn't completely accurate.





Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

AutoCAD Line Drawing question.pdf

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)


In order to define the line length and determine the point of intersection, I suggest creating a circle, the radius of which equals the line length you want, and the center of that circle should be at the known start point. This technique will give you two points where the circle will intersect the plane at the appropriate distance.


I just opened your PDF, same advice as previously, piece of cake, as the plane is represented as a 2D line.

Use your INTERSECTION o snap to define where the circle crosses that top line.

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That is perfect and so easy too. Thank you very much for your help. :)


That is a very simple little trick, but often comes in handy.

Glad it helped you out. :)

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