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Dimensioning AFF Block


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Hi all,


I am trying to get the dimension of the AFF tag to automatically populate with the movement of the dynamic block. As it stands, I cannot get the "AFF" dynamic dimension through an attribute definition. I tried following Ellen's tutorial (here) but no luck. Help is much appreciated.


AFF Block Help.jpg

AFF Block Help.dwg

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Thanks for the program suggestion. I am curious if you have ever tried to customize this to meet office visual standards. I couldn't find any way to modify the tag symbol to look like my office's AFF tags.

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No, I have not tried to customize it. I would have to have another look.


Did you use a field in your dynamic block as per the tutorial?


Good Morning Kim.


I finally had a chance to look at your block and it turns out that you did not use a field. If you had there would be a gray background surrounding the text 0'-0" AFF.


Did you solve the problem on your own yet?


BTW....The block drawing you attached was done in metric units (millimeters) yet the block references the finished floor elevation in feet and inches. Why?

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Kim: I made a dynamic block for you to experiment with and it is included in the attached drawing (saved in AutoCAD 2010 file format).


Move the blocks on the magenta colored layer to different positions then invoke the REGEN command. You should see the elevations change. One block is used for each elevation. By the way, I included a stretch action on the line under the text too.


AFF Tag ReMark.dwg

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