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Dynamic blocks for my tool palette


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I created some dynamic door blocks for our company tool palette. I had to w-block and over write the original blocks to get the dynamic block properties in them. However, when I tried to insert them in other drawings, I got an error message telling me that the block referenced itself. In anycase, I got the bright idea to open the block and copy clip it into my tool palette. This worked and I can insert it into any drawing and manipulate it without exploding it. I have also exported the files into our share folder and they do work In other user’s palettes. It’s probably nothing new but I wanted to share my success.


All of my tool palettes work in autocad release 2014, 2015 & 2016. I can only relate that to the fact that we save

our drawings in 2000 format.

We create all of our blocks in a tool palette import folder on the company drive. I also export the xtg and xpg files

in each block folder making it easier for other users to find and import them.

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If you create tool palettes straight from Design Centre and keep the block library on a server all users in your office can use the same tool palettes and they will update as you add or edit dynamic blocks.

This automates the adding of blocks to a palette and speeds the library creation process up immensely.

The real trick here is to organise all blocks into a single folder that corresponds with the palette you wish to create. With some tidy file structure organisation you can have thousands of blocks on hundreds of palettes all easily managed and editable for an entire office.

Making groups of palettes tidies this up further and is also exportable so all users have the same palette group structure.


Couple of rules-

All dynamic blocks should be created as individual files and saved with a good clean file structure on a server.

All other users besides the administrator should have read only access and should subit blocks or edits to the admin for inclusion, gets messy otherwise.

If the server is rebooted the admin needs to be the fisrt PC to load the tool palettes. Get IT to set up admins PC to boot immediately after the server and all other users after that, saves a huge hassle of duplicated and messed up palette files.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Sir,

I guess my way is the long way around plus my tool palette doesn't automatically update. My biggest prob is getting my co-workers to use the palettes. I ended up making separate block pages such as Plumbing fixtures plan

and elevations and because our buildings are mainly used for schools I have to create adult, Elementary and Kindergarten/preschool blocks with ADA heights as well as standard so all they have to do is open the file and copy clip

the block they need and past it into there drawings. its been a chore lol. I have never used the Design Center but now is as good a time as any. The bad part is that i have already created 3500 blocks the other way. I'm not

sure if i can redo my palettes.

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As long as ypu have the original block files organised as a single file per block, and each folder you have the blocks in corresponds with a tool palette you would like to make, design centre actually automates to palette naming and cteatiion.

I also have many thousands of dynamic blocks and I can set up a complete new tool palette set in less than an hour total, including pointinh other users machines to the tool.palette directory. Minimal exporting required.

I'll make a video for you showing you the process.

It took me years to perfect, but works beautifully, evem between versions.

The best advantage herebis design centre makes adding new blocks or editing them very simple and all users have the edits and new blocks next time they log in.

Give me a few days and ill have a video explainijngthe process simply for you!

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