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Ordinate dimension origin


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I need to set my origin a little different than inventor does it normaly. I have a circular plate and i want my origin on the intersection of tangents (low left corner) how do I do that.


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I need this as final dwg. but i can't set my origin there and i cant also set tangent ordinates. Any advise?


I know i can dimension that in some many ways, with radius diameter, whatever, but I need ordinate and I need it like that, most cnc machines works with coordinates and raw material is a square so i need to indicate it like that for fab.


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I advanced a little bit with tangents, was time consuming, i needed to create an ordinate then move it then another, then move it, i don't know how to show "quadrants" when placing ordinates. Is very easy with autocad, but inventor is not drawing friendly.


Some times what i do is to export to autocad then work with drawings, but is time comsuming and if there are changes then i need to change autocad dwgs.


Any idea of how to change orgin?


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I found the solution. Now I remember why I delete this page from my bookmarks, nobody answers.

Thanks for your advises.


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Draw your circle in the first quadrant.

Place dimension of the circle

Dimension X distance from ordinate

Dimension y distance from ordinate


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The previous reply show's a sketch in a model which I do not think is what you're after. Here's how to locate the Origin Indicator a drawing view, although it appears you have discovered this. In a drawing under the Annotate Menu Tab:

Select Ordinate

Select the view

Select the circle

Select the center or a quadrant (in this case I would select the center)

Select the Origin Indicator and RMB

Select Edit

Edit the Relative X and Y coordinates to -5,-5 in the Origin Indicator dialog box that pops up

Insert the Ordinate dimensions where needed.


You can also locate the origin and control it by creating a sketch associated to the view, and then project, draw, and constrain geometry as needed. After you create the geometry, locate the Origin Indicator to the sketch geometry, i.e., a line end, circle center, whatever... After you've located the Indicator, you may not want the sketch geometry to appear in the view, so go back and edit the sketch and change the sketch geometry to "Sketch Only". The Indicator will remain attached to this invisible geometry and any time you edit the sketch geometry the Indicator will move per those changes.

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