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Hello Cad Guru's! Need some help with an Intersection in Civil 3D


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For some reason, When I run my corridor threw the intersection with three total alignments it does not pull profiles for two of the quadrants (this being the third one down on the very first list when creating an intersection) As for the other two quadrants, they run their profile down to zero. This is driving me bonkers. I even pulled in the engineer and he is lost. Now coming up on 6 hours for this. As you all know must stay with in a budget. I would greatly appreciate to know why its not creating profiles for the two and zero profiles for the other quadrants.


Thank you,


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More information is needed... Especially if you cannot provide a sample drawing, what about screenshot(s)?


Three alignments - does at least one (primary) pass through the intersection completely?


Do the Alignments reside within the Corridor host, or are they DREFs?


With three Alignments, is it modeling the entire Intersection correctly, or one Intersection for two Alignments w/ overlap for the other (for the other two Alignments)?


If DREFs, did you remember to also DREF the appropriate Profiles? They do not come in with Alignment DREF inherently, whereas to DREF Profile brings in parent Alignment

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Hey BlackBox. Thanks for your reply. I can provide a screenshot. Somewhere around noon today I will provide it. There is a primary road that runs all the way through the intersection. I am not using any DREF's. It is not modeling the entire intersection correctly. I am sorry I am unable to provide the drawing. I may just create a quick look alike model to see if it can get better information across. With the primary running through there are two other alignments that start in the center of the intersection and go away from one another.

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Hey Guys, I figured it out. The corridor really did not like the total of three alignments going through the intersection. I also found out that I had an assembly called out incorrectly.

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