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Need Help Simplifying Polylines


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First of all, This is my first post here and I'm not an EXPERT in english, so I will try to explain as good as possible.


I'm using Inventor 2012 and AutoCAD Mechanical 2012.


In Inventor I have a piece in which it was applied the punching tool (Custom one)

it works Perfectly, but when I export it to autoCAD it comes with too many points or vertex, I know if I draw it in autocad I wont have that problem, what that's why we use a Punch Tool, to simplify things and get things easier and always the same.


Re-draw is out of the question, unless its the ONLY solution..


We use two CNC Plasma Machine, one of them uses the Software CamBAM and it can edit the vertex and simplifies it and jobs done, but it cant export the job to .dwg or .dxf..


and the second and new machine (the one i'm having trouble) uses FastCAM software, it has something similar to adjust the vertex but, the real problem is within the FastNEST..


Either way, the best solution is to fix the drawing in autocad.


EDITPOL doesnt work, as it just joins it, I need to make less points.. I could Upload the file if needed.


I'd Really Appreciate any help given.


Thanks and Again sorry for my many typos.o:)o:)

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Look for WEED.LSP.


Are they straight lines that need simplifying? Express Tools> Overkill has an Optimize option for PLines, but I believe it only removes unnecessary points on a straight section.

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Hi, Thank you for Replying


No, most of them are arcs, the OVERKILL function does not helps, also I don't know if i'm using it wrong, but the weed.lsp doesn't do what I want


I'll upload the file, maybe you can open it and see if for yourself.

This is an export from Inventor 2012

the Letters "S" "C" and both part of the "O" have too many points and that

makes the Cut in the CNC machine, difficult to do


Thank you Again :):)



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Yes, I know that. Seems like I didn't save the file after I joined all the lines, Still, I can't make it work, It does nothing. Does it work for you?

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My attempt at reducing the number of polylines.


See anything unusual? My letter "S" consists of 9 entities. When I made this image my letter was basically sitting over the top of yours.

Letter S.PNG

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